Sketch driven assembly solidworks

sketch driven assembly solidworks

Solidworks. David Schoon Parent. Part sketches, surfaces, solids. Child Parts. Driven features from. Parent Part Avoids circular references within assemblies . I was hoping to create a sketch on a plane and put a pointeverywhere I need a baseplate but in assembly features the optionfor sketch driven. The Sketch Driven Pattern tool is an underused, but very useful tool. Typically, when we pattern items in SOLIDWORKS we tend to use linear or.

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You can pattern components utilizing 2D or 3D sketch driven assembly solidworks that contain sketch points, along with any construction geometry. If necessary, use the flyout FeatureManager design tree to select the reference sketch. By default, all instances use the same configuration as the seed components. To change the configuration, edit the component properties of an instance.

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To create a sketch driven pattern of components: Bounding box center Component origin Selected point. Sketch driven assembly solidworks new components appear sketch driven assembly solidworks in the FeatureManager design tree. Parent topic Component Patterns and Mirroring. Related concepts Chain Component Pattern. Mirror Components. Related tasks Linear Component Pattern. Circular Component Pattern. Pattern Driven Pattern. Curve Driven Component Pattern.

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