Kungen diablo iii

kungen diablo iii

vfb-community.de?v=44JrsycieRkI can not imagine why someone would want to do this. He does not take it hard at all (I would be fucking ira. Former Guild Leader, Raid Leader and Main Tank of two of the most successful World of Warcraft guilds will be streaming Diablo III Hardcore. KungenTV · @WowKungen. ENTP - Streamer at . "Kungen's Diablo 3 Hardcore Stream - Barbarian is back!": vfb-community.de?b. AM - 8 Jun Uber Diablo Kill HC eazy · KungenTV - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction - EN. 1, views - 2 years ago. Highlight. End boss of Highmaul down by Nihilum. Thomas "Kungen" Bengtsson is a noted Hearthstone player from Sweden. from WoW, Kungen became well known for playing Diablo III.

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Kungen's Diablo 3 HC Dead - Time Played: 175 Hours

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Kungen diablo iii Frequently Asked Questions, Tips, and Information. How did he lose hours? Erase the pain. Definitely had to laugh about it himself. Athene is pretty annoying, though.
kungen diablo iii

I can not imagine why someone would want to do this. He does not take it hard at all I would be fucking irate and he already has another level 60 hardcore character in inferno. Seriously, what is the appeal? I think he wasn't looking at the game, so it was his own fault. Definitely had to laugh about it himself. Skimming down the list of topics I thought that too at first!

Did good for his charity, though, so I can't blame him for taking advantage of that situation to pull such theatrics. The appeal is the fact that there's something actually at risk, and there's actual achievement behind it. There's no better feeling in diablo than that adrenaline you get from a close brush with death as a HC player.

SC, you die, shrug, and go back to throwing your corpse at an enemy til it dies. When you play HC, you accept that your character is dead as soon as you make it. It's about the journey to get as far as you can with that character before it dies. At which point you go back to the character creation and roll up a new one. That's how it goes. If you rage when your HC character dies, hfm hyperion smartview not for you.

HC players are actually often some of kungen diablo iii most chill and relaxed people you'll meet, cause we have already accepted the consequences when we make our character. Stuff is always cycling out of the economy, so the HC AH is really healthy. Especially at low to mid levels of play. This guy has lost at least 2 lvl 60 characters to HC. He's obviously got a lot of money or living with his parents. I never make permadeath characters in games with the expectation of keeping them.

That's just begging for tragedy. It was also him who prevented a second death by pausing the game and logging into another pc right? That's just distasteful, ruins the entire point of Hardcore mode. I encountered that swede in alterac valley in WoW like six years ago. Kungen diablo iii were at the boss and he came in with something like six healers behind him and they just told us to heal him so he could "take care of this".

I kungen diablo iii his shield was huge. It's dumb. SJSchmidt93 said:. You get a better sense of danger, actual fear creeps in every time you get close to dying because you know hours kungen diablo iii hours of effort will have been wasted.

It's a pretty exciting kungen diablo iii to play really. Please Log In to post. TentPole Follow Forum Posts: For a second I thought this was about a real life tragedy. I meant this in a mostly non-condescending way.

Simplexity Follow Forum Posts: I would have probably just broke down in tears if that happened to me. I think he knows it doesn't really matter in the end. Lukeweizer Follow Forum Kungen diablo iii That's the best thing to do after losing an HC character, make another one. Erase the pain.

At first Kungen diablo iii thought he died in the game so hard it killed him in real life. Ares42 Follow Forum Posts: It's hardcore, it's expected. Kungen diablo iii Follow Forum Posts: EquitasInvictus said: Well, the guy Athene is acting out everything and almost nothing's real Pretending to be the best at everything, acting like he's the greatest WoW and now Diablo 3 player in the world, just because his viewers gave him tons of gold to buy all the best equipment, is just laughable.

Kungen actually played with Athene for a few levels after his barbarian died I happened to turn on the stream like minutes before Kungen died, weird timing and it was pretty obvious that the only reason Athene did it was to get more viewers Don't get me wrong, giving money to people who need it is always great, but doing it to get attention I guess it doesn't matter as long as they get the money I still don't like it.

Addfwyn Follow Forum Posts: Krakn3Dfx Follow Forum Posts: I wish I had the kind of time required to even get my sad, inadequate Barb up to lvl ShaggE Follow Forum Posts: Cameron Follow Forum Posts: That's a tough way to lose hours. TaliciaDragonsong Follow Forum Posts: Kungen diablo iii Follow Forum Posts: Cameron That's a tough way to lose hours.

How did he lose hours? Do they shoot out a memory erasing ray when you die in HC? PeasantAbuse Follow Forum Posts: BasketSnake Follow Forum Posts: Arkasai Follow Forum Posts: SJSchmidt93 ajax 2.0 extensions 1.0 Nekroskop Follow Forum Posts: He handled it a lot better than that Athene guy. God that was pathetic. Bring back the main forum list.

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