Jan dara loppio dei sensi google

jan dara loppio dei sensi google

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Xnamath The circoit of the outer work was not less than five miles in length ; each Hne presented a breastwork surmounted by wooden towers at frequent intervals, and strengthened by a ditch twelve feet deep and twenty broad. Bilfen Yaynlar A trumpet was despatched by the Venetians to demand a cessation of this firing till the parley should be concluded, and to make inquiry concerning a prisoner of rank who had been taken the day before. Often when the spirits of the inhabitants appeared to droop, he revived their courage by spreading reports that safety was to be obtained no otherwise than by jan dara loppio dei sensi google resistance, since the enemy had resolved not to admit of terms, and had proclaimed a war of extermination, without pity either for sex or age. Get FREE 7-day.
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Causes of the Lesfrne oTCambrai— Jhlins n. Venice, tm it appeared in The Horses of St. ToMAao Moncsnioo. Francbsco Foscasi.

About the hour of vespers on the 17th of Janaaigr,leporU of the death of Fmicesoo da Gamra were circulated throng Venice, with such Tariations respecting its attend- ant circumstances as the difficaltj of obtaining correct knowledge of truth, or the danger of repeating more than the government might be pleased to avow, attached, for the most part, to all great national transactions of the repub- lic. Some of the busy knots jan dara loppio dei sensi google in the piazza mys- teriously hinted the facts as they really ooeunred, and loadly waised the indefeasible power and justice of their rulers.

It is painful to remember that Carlo Zeno had any share in thifi most atrocious and unjustifiable process, and there is no one who will not be gratified tp learn, that although he is named among the comiliiBsioners to whom the first cognizance of it was intrusted, he does not appear to have voted for jan dara loppio dei sensi google higher punishment than imprisonment4 Even such an infliction, however, would have been a gross breach of the law of nations ; for Carrara was an mdependent sovereign, long recognised as such by Venice herself, and resting his title on claims to the full as legitimate as those of any other Italian prince of his time.

He had a plenary right of peace and war ; and, under defeat, the sole penal- ties to which he could be justly subjected were those com- mon to the vanquished ; a curtailment or forfeiture of his dominions, and captivity till he should be ransomed. But even firom these rights of victory his enemies were precluded by the engagements under which he had been decoyed to Venice ; and having iredly confided himself to their safe- conduct for the purpose of negotiation, he could be as little regarded a prisoner of war, as an offender against laws to which he did not owe obedieiice.

A most odious act of ingratitude towards. X Sanato, The set- tlement, however, demanded a longer absence from home than his advanced years. In arranging the papers of Carrara, a memoran- dom was found toucbmg the payment of ducats to Zeno ; an insignificant transaction, of which, by accepting the proffered commissionership, he would have possessed fiill power, if he had so wished, to obliterate every trace.

Zeno stated, that on passing through Asti,' while on his route for investitfire by Galeazzo Visoonti with jan dara loppio dei sensi google government of Milan, he found Carrara, at that time a prisoner, destitute of comforts and almost even of necessanes: VU, C. Zeai apud Morstori, XIX. The iron and unbending despotism of the Venetian law refused to admit any qualification or excuse for a trans- gression of its literal code: He'was- sentenced to dismissal from aH his offices, and imprisonment lor two years.

The remaining years of Carlo Zeno's life were spent; almost in as full activity as these of his youth. It is to Sf ilan that the thread of our history now for a wlule reconducts us.

To his brother, Filippo-Maria, had fallen the sovereignty of Pavia ; but during the weakness of that prince's minority, the virtual rule luul been wrested from him by the ambition of Facimo Oanoy the neighbouring Lord of Alexandria ; who found Uttle 'difficulty in soon afterward extending his dominion over Milan itself. It was at first supposed that Filippo-Maria would be involved in A fate similar to that of his brother, and that the throne would be.

Their disparity of years the prince was twenty, Beatrice Vol. Beatrice, no longer necessary to promote his ambition, proved an encumbrance upon his pleasures ; and atb the expense of an atrocious crime, he eagerly sought relief jan dara loppio dei sensi google her oppressive virtues and his own burdensome sense of obligation.

Fiiippo-Maria by no means dissembled that it was his in- tention to attempt the recovery of his entire hereditary do- minions, and in the event of his success, Venice, among other powers, must prepare for restitution. They are copies, as the chronicle assures us, from the original MS. God created Adam wise, good, and perfect, and it was by disobe- dience that jan dara loppio dei sensi google lost Paradise ; the Captain america iphone game have done in like manner, and even so shall toe do also if we permit our- selves to be seduced by the youthful frocwntfare.

As in the deluge dl men except the just Noah and his family wess drowned, so will the Florentines be obliged to take refuge in our aik from the destruction which they are calling down upon themselves. As after the deluge the rase of giants, forgetting the fear of God, had their single tongue spHt into sixty-six languages, and in the end separated from each other and disappeared for ever, so will the Florentine lan- guage give plafie to sixty-six dialects, and the inhabitants of that city will be scattered widely over the earth.

It was the idolatry of Solomon and the apostacy of Rehoboam which gave birth to the schism of the Ten Tribes: Rome, thanks to her govern- ment and to peace, became great and powerful"— an asser- tion which either betrays on the part of the doge no small unacquaintance with the state-craft of tappevaridi telugu story pdf eternal city, or else jan dara loppio dei sensi google no slight dexterity in appropriating to his pur- pose a very stubborn and inapplicable argument.

God preserve you from such a choice! Reputation, credit, property will be at an end ; and instead of remaining mas- ters of your hired soldiers, you will find yourselves reduced to be their slaves. He was well versed in the commercial and maritime affairs of his country, and he itdvanced them to I unexampled prosperity. A census taken under his reign I fixed the population of the capita! By him was laid the foundar tion of the library of St. If we hesitate re- specting his claim to eloquence, we must willingly concede to him the praise of sound discretion ; and of his singular firmness ofpurpose and dismterestedness a very remarkable instance remains to be produced.

An accidental fire having destroyed great part of St. Moncenigo, at one of the meetings of the senate, poured the stipulated fine on the council table, and having purchased full liberty of speoch at that lavish price, he persisted in urgmg upon the nobles the necessity of lodging their chief magistrate in an edifice becoming the dignity of the republic, till he obtained their assent to the commencement of that pile which contributes so largely, at the present hour, to the magnificence of Venetian architecture.

Five years of alliance still remained unexpired between Milan and Venice, yet Florence was unceasing in her eiSbrts to produce a rupture of the treaty. In the field, she had been everywhere unfortunate, and defeat rapidly succeeding defeat rendered foreign aid indispensable if she hoped to preserve a shadow of independence. The later princes of the house of Visconti, however suc- cessful in war, exhibited but little military enterprise in their own persons ; and they were indebted for victory far more to their prudent choice of commanders than to any skill or prowess of their own.

Necessity, however, at the moment of Facimo Cane's death, had compelled Filippo-Maria to appear at the head of his troops ; and in a rencounter under the walls of Monza, during that short critical period in which his fortunes were wavering in the balance, he had noted with especial admiration the distinguished gallantry of one of his followers.

Filippo praised and rewarded the service on the spot, and fresh in- stances ef valour led rapidly to fresh promotions. Genoa also, and even the difficult passages of St. Gothard, submitted to him ; and he carried victory on the sword's point from the fron- tiers of Piedmont to those of the Territory of the Church. Numerous petty slights, and breaches of futh aa well as jan dara loppio dei sensi google courtesy, testified this change.

Such treachery was far from being unprecedented, and unhappily too mudi characterized the pohey of Milan. At the close of the debate, he asked permission to introduce his injured friend to the senate, in order that they might profit by his intimate acquaintance with the affairs of Mi- lan. A treaty therefore was speedify concluded with Flor- ence, by which the two republics engaged to furnish, at their joint expense, 16, horse and half as many foot: Few places were more distracted by internal schism, and the partisaiis of the ancient Guelph and Ghibelline factions respectively occupied distinct quarters of the dty.

Carmagnuola still maintained an intimate connexion with the last-named party, and it was chiefly through their assistance that he now hoped to compass his enterprise. In order to. It was into another quarter, on the plain, that Carmagnuola wpts secretly admitted in the night of the 17th of March, and even then the gate which communicated with the upper town remained in the hands of his enemies.

The rapidity of this movement took Visconti by surprise, and his troops were but assembling in Romagna jan dara loppio dei sensi google he received intelligence of his disaster ; to remedy which he put in motion such masses of cavalry aa were already concentrated, under four of the most distin- giished conaottieri of the age, Angelo della Pergola, Nicolo iccinino, Guide Torello, and Francesco Sforza.

Florent, v. The circoit of the outer work was not less than five miles in length ; each Hne presented a breastwork surmounted by wooden towers at frequent intervals, and strengthened by a ditch twelve feet deep and twenty broad. Whether fiom the difficulty of combining their scattered forces, or from the mutual jealousy which almost invariably atcoompanies a divided command, the Milanese captainB were slow in advance ; and when towards the midole of May they encamped with 15, men within sight of Brescia, the works of Cannap gnuola whose numbers were almost' of the same amount although not yet finished, presented a face which Bella Per- gola thought' much too formidable to be attacked.

So stu- pendous, mdeedf were these lines considered, that an officer of the Milanese army, upon hearing that they were pro- jected, expressed baal veer games jar joy at the design. While the generals of Visconti wasted their time m unworthy dissensions, and their forces in.

The loss of Brescia was the chief disaster which Visconti suffered during this short campaign. Its conduct, however, had been'iilisatisfac- torV, and me condition of the duchy was not without haz- aid. Carmagnuola was not forgotten in this ne- gotiation ; and one express condition of the treaty stipulated that his family should be released from the imprisonment to which they had been consigned on his 0ight from Milan.

As a further testimony of the gratitude of Venice, his name was enrolled in her Golden Book. The announcement of this peace, so dishonourable to their mp3 indian songs 2015 love, was received with deep murmurs by the Mi- lanese nobles, and they remonstrated in energetic terms with Filippo-Maria against its ratification.

They implored him to rely upon the valour and fidelity which they swore to dedicate to his service, to accept the sacrifices which they were jan dara loppio dei sensi google to make in his support, and to appoint cap- tains over the 10, horse, and an equal number of infantiy, which they engaged to raise and maintain at their own ex- pense, provided only that he would intrust the revenue to their administration.

The duke accepted their offers ; but, jealous qf any invasion of his despotism by jan dara loppio dei sensi google exercise, Dowever triflmg, of aristocratical jan dara loppio dei sensi google, he refused the conditions vrith which they Were accompanied. It would afTora little entertainment if we were to pamue with minuteness the events of the renewed war. When Garmarauola rejoined the army, fortune for a short time continued to vary ; Casal Maggiore was taken and retaken, and its recovery enabled the Venetians to advance upon Cremona, with the intention of engaging in its siege.

The Milanese, equally prepared to oppose this design, were reinforced by 15, volunteers nom their capital; and Filippo-Maria for the first time encouraged his army by his presence. On the 12th of July, however, the Milanese, eager for distinction under the immediate eye of their prince, attempted to force that defence, and some squadrons suc- ceeded in penetrating the Venetian camp.

The confusion became general, and, had they been duly seized, opportunities oc- curred on both sides of capturing most of the leading officers of the opposite party. Uaimagnuola was dismounted, and fought for a considerable time on foot ; the Duke of Mantua Iff as separated. From a very natural anxiety to create a reputation commensurate with that of the great leaders who served under him, he was impatient for battle, and soon hazarded a rash and ill-advised engagement.

Car- raagnuola.

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