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The plant-lore & garden-craft of Shakespeare by Henry Nicholson Ellacombe - Free Ebook

Search the illustrate cu flori de camp torent bit of over billion web pages on the Internet. Games Apple Computer. Edited by J. Price One Shillingf. Revised and approved by Dr. Price is. By Post, is. Foolscap 8vo. Price, Sd. By Post, 4d. Price, is 6d.

Compiled by Miss E. By Post, 7d. Whitefriars Street, London, E. It has an International Circulation. Annual Subscription, 3s. A- AND C. Tiu nova Kevuo, tute redaktata en Esperanto, estos pure literatura. Gi enhavos: Cio politika, religia, au kio povus naski disputojn estos malakceptata de la Redakcio. Zamenhof sola povos verki artikolojn pri la lingvo. Ciu numero Jara abono. En Anglujo oni povas jam de nun aboni ce: In response to numerous requests from almost every country in which English is spoken, we have much pleasure in presenting to the public this the first English-Esperanto Dictionary.

The demands for such a work became so pressing that it was absolutely necessary to issue it as quickly as possible. Were it not for this urgency we would have waited until the larger Dictionary was ready, but the know- ledge that the progress of Esperanto would be materially checked or retarded decided us to issue this smaller one.

Such a work demands careful and thorough research, absolute precision, and much patient labour. The labour, however, has been lightened by the good wishes of Esperantists all the world over. Not from England alone, but from that Greater Britain beyond the seas, kindly help has been offered, and gratefully accepted.

We have spared no pains in the endeavour to make this Dictionary within its limits perfect, and we hope we have succeeded. The busy Briton, who has not time for word-building, will find Vlll. It has illustrate cu flori de camp torent bit said, and with truth, that with a perfect knowledge of one or two thousand words anyone can adequately express oneself — conversationally — illustrate cu flori de camp torent bit any uc browser 8.6 for n97 the ordinaiy topics of everyday life, and for this reason we have taken special pains to select those words which are most in use.

The student who possesses a knowledge of the process of word-building can from the material within these pages extend such material to an almost unlimited extent.

For an example of this see pages 10 — The larger Dictionary is in course of preparation, though some time must necessarily elapse before its publication. For this the collaboration and counsel of the most eminent continental Esperantists have been secured. We shall be extremely grateful to those who use the present work for any suggestions that may render it more useful, in the event of a second edition being required, and also that the larger Dictionary may receive thebenefitof such suggestions.

O'Connor, B. Stephen's Square, Bayswater, W. We take this opportunity of tendering our very sincere illustrate cu flori de camp torent bit to Dr. Zamenhof for the invahiable assistance he has given us during the preparation of this little work, as well as for his aprobita of it ; and at the same time we acknowledge our indebted- ness to M. Motteau Author of the Esperanto- English Dictionary for his careful revision of the proof sheets, and for the many useful suggestions which his thorough knowledge of Esperanto enabled him to give.

Particular attention must be given to the fact that it is to the root of a word that the prefixes and suffixes are added. When it is stated that the final letter " i " indicates the infinitive, the letter "o" the noun, the letter "tt" the adjective, the letter "e" the adverb, the letter J added to form the plural, etc. The word "do" is not a noun, because d' is not a root.

The word plej is not a plural, because pie is not a root. The word meti, to put, has nothing to do with the diminutive suffix et, because m is not the root The reader of this Dictionary will see to which part of speech the English word belongs, by looking at the ending of the Esperanto translation of the word.

The Authors. Londono, London, Lmdau'ano, a Londoner. Kristo, Christ, Krist'an'o, a Christian. Johano, John, Jo'rj'o, Jack, Johnnie. Ernesto, Ernest, Erne'cj'o, Ernie. Iredi', to believe, Ired'ehVa, credible. Vc'— denotes an abstract quality similar to the English suffix ness: Izraelo, Israel, hrael'id'o, an Israelite. Anglo, Englishman, Angl'uj'o, England ; cigaro, a cigar, cigar ufo, a cigar-case. Free Translation. Lern' root word. Lerni to learn. Lernadi , study.

Lernigi , cause to learn. Lernigi , learn intuitively. Lerneti , da1 ble in learning. Ellerni , learn thoroughly. Mallerni , unlearn. Lernanto a pupil, a learner mas. Lernejano a schoolboy. Lernejisto a school teacher. Lernjestro a school master head teacher. Lernejo a school.

Lernejeto an elementary school. Lernejaro an university. Lernulo a learned man, a savant Lernulino a learned woman, a "blue stocking. Lernajo knowledge. Lerninda worth learning. Lerno act or action of learning. Lernebla learnable.

Lerneco learnedness. Lernema studious. Lernero a subject of a curriculum. Lernaro a curriculum. Illustrate cu flori de camp torent bit learnedly. Mathematics Adv. N Phil. V Zool. The attention of the reader is particularly called to paragraph 2, page ix. Ablative, ablativo.

Aback, to take, surprizi. Able, to be, povi. Abaft, posla parto. Able skilfullerta. Abandon, fovlasi. Abnegation, raeraforgeso. Abase, humilgi. Abode, logejo. Abate lowermallevi. Abolish, neniigi.

Abominable, abomena.

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