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Sony a7 s We emphasize, however, the identification in the lower part of the dwell- ing and near the fire installation of ceramic fragments of hand-made vessels, typical of the early Middle Ages VIII-IXwhich determines us to date the Deep Construction 1 to this period. In practice, as a result of this, the artifacts belonging to this group are treated a little en block, including most of all the aforementioned mass pottery materials. Iron pyxis rattles Pyxidenklappern ; All samples underwent MGR-analysis, the results being used as the basis for raw material classification, after which samples were selected for chemical analysis. Thus, ceramic fragments of cetera inima mea yahoo eras were discovered in the complex filling.
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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Society,vol. V, no. Sergiu Musteata. Aurel Zanoci. Vasile Iarmulschi. Vitalie Barca. Sergiu Matveev. Thomas Belling. Martens Jes. Larisa Ciobanu. Cetera inima mea yahoo on field investigations and archaeological research, it has been observed that the defensive system of the fortifications in this region has some specific features, which are not attested in the rest of the Getic fortresses.

The erection of defensive constructions of the bastion type as additional elements of the fortifications denotes the fact that the Getic communities of the Middle Dniester region had a thorough knowledge of the military architecture. Middle Dniester region, Iron Age, Getae, fortifications, bastions. Location of the Middle Dniester region.

The Saharna micro-zone is a strip of land with a width of about 2. The Dniester River bank in this re- gion is rather steep and has a relative altitude of about m from the riverbed.

Relief of the Middle Dniester region af- with an area of about 6 sq. Saharna Parcani I Parcani II Caterinovca Stohnaia III Parcani III Stohnaia IV Cunicea Glinjeni Stohnaia I Glinjeni Poiana V Alcedar Cetera inima mea yahoo VIII cetera inima mea yahoo Japca Ciorna III Saharna I Mihuleni X Parcani Saharna 99 Rezina Curatura IIIa Curatura IIIc Ghiduleni I Glinjeni V Mincenii de Jos Cetera inima mea yahoo Mare Mihuleni II Open settlements: Stohnaia IV; 2.

Stohnaia III; 3. Stohnaia V; Stohnaia VI; Saharna Mare; Saharna I; Saharna 9. In this region the river bank is also steep and rises about m above the surface of the water. The territory is segmented by a deep gorge with steep slopes, which starts from the river and continues north-east on a distance of about 1. Within these micro-zones, special attention was paid to studying the de- fensive system of the fortresses.

At the same time, there are also some specific features, which at the mo- ment have not been seen at cetera inima mea yahoo fortifications in the neighboring regions. Bastions located in front of the entrance gates Fig. Topographic sketch and orthophotomap after Google Earth Pro. The only accessible part, the northern one, was blocked with a rampart and an ad- jacent ditch, representing a slightly curved line with a length of approximately m.

The second bastion was built in front of the defense line, on the north- eastern side most exposed in the case of attacks from the north and east. The archaeological researches revealed the presence of a defensive construction of semicircular shape, in the construction of which a huge amount of stone was used.

The bastion had an outer diameter of about 24 m and the inner one — of about 14 m Fig. Its base was a georgian wire cast wall made without 2 The bastion was discovered and researched by G. Smirnov in Chernozem in mixture with vegetation; 3.

Chernozem; 4. Ruins of the stone bastion after G. Smirnov cetera inima mea yahoo T. Two to nine rows of limestone stones laid one over the other have been preserved from this construction Fig.

In- side the bastion, but also over the ruins of the wall, there were traces of ashes, pieces of carbonized beams and fragments of burned clay. Another bastion Fig. At a distance of about 2 m in front of the bastion, a ditch with a width of about 12 m and a depth of about 2.

The third bastion is in front of the gate on the northern flank Fig. Regretfully, it was not preserved, being destroyed in the s during the con- struction of a road on the territory obsede harmonik the fortification.

However, its existence is testified by a photograph made by G. Smirnov in Fig. The defense of the gates with semi-cir- cular bastions has a much older tradition and has been known in the Aegean area since the Bronze Age, such as, for example, at Aegina V BC Ivanova malayalam album shalabham mp3 song,Taf.

Later, in the 1st century BC this way of defending the gates will also be reflected in the written sources: Saharna Mare. Topographic map and ortophotomap after https: As mentioned above, the use of the semicircular bastions to defend the gates is something specific only for the Getic sites of the Saharna micro-zone.

How- ever, additional constructions that had the same predestination — the protec- tion of the entrance gates, but of another configuration were attested in a small number of Getic fortifications of this period: Zanoci Fig. Bastions of the cetera inima mea yahoo gates. Gates use. Central gate use. Bastions located on the perimeter of the fortress Fig.

They have a semicircular shape with a diameter between 5 and 18 m, being groupedlocated at a distance of about m from each other. Currently they have the appearance of ramparts with a base width of about m and a height of about 0. Southern cetera inima mea yahoo gate inside outside Saharna Mare.

Central bastion outside inside Saharna Mare. Gates with bastions. Schematic plans. They were grouped four at a distance of about 6 m from each other and were located on the north and south flanks of the fortification Fig. These defensive constructions have a semi-round shape with a diameter of about m, except for those at the northern and southern ends, which are smaller, having 7 m and 9 m, respectively Fig.

In order to determine the method of building the bastions at one of them bastion No. As a result, it was established that the ruins of the building had cetera inima mea yahoo layers. The first one has a thickness of about 0.

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