Sonic 2 metropolis zone music

sonic 2 metropolis zone music

While the music appear on company's games, the company itself didn't make them. Please fix tags for proper artist. 中村正人 for Sonic 1 & 2. Knuckles is playable when connecting Sonic 2 to Sonic & Knuckles. Difficulty Rating: 5. Music: Same music for all acts. The difficulty of Metropolis seems to lie mainly in its excessive use of harmful objects, particularly the three badniks. Metropolis Zone is the eighth zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It is an extra-long level in which Dr. Robotnik resides. There are lots of machines. sonic 2 music metropolis zone. VIEW ON YOUTUBE. To our Riffstation community, While we work with labels and publishers on a paid Riffstation service. "Metropolis") is the eighth Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Unlike the previous seven Zones, Metropolis Zone contains three full Acts, considered much Music .

Chords for Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Music - Metropolis Zone

Album name: Nov 25th, Album type: Game Released on: Video Game Music. Log In. Album Search. Info Contact Us F. Requests Blacklist Console Tag Project. Download all songs at once: Video Game Music Downloads Home. Donate New! Title Screen. Options Screen. Stage Select. Emerald Hill Zone. Emerald Hill Zone 2 Player. Chemical Plant Zone. Aquatic Ruin Zone.

Casino Night Zone. Casino Night Zone 2 Player. Hill Top Zone. Hidden Palace Zone. Game Over. Act Cleared. Special Stage. Extra Life. Super Sonic. Mystic Cave Zone. Mystic Cave Zone 2 Player. Oil Ocean Zone. Metropolis Zone. Sky Chase Zone. Wing Fortress. Death Egg Zone. Final Boss. Staff Credits. Submitted by dickyayu Rating: This quality music is both to listen to and to play. Submitted by Guest Rating: Seeing this, and being able to download it made me so happy. Thank you, so very much. Metropolis Zone in particular is good.

Submitted by OniBarubary Rating: It's good quality too. This is wicked awesome cool. However, some of the tracks don't play on windows media player If it doesn't play download MPlayer. It's free and it can play just about anything.

It is perfect to remember the old times when we had Mega Drive. Sonic's songs are the best. I wonder why he didn't get any more famous. Submitted by myeghuqhiopiqxefx Rating: The special stage is my fave track because it's so bouncy and it was a fun stage to play. Thank you for sharing! Suddenly I'm a 10 year old kid again, great memories The only problem is that Windows Media Player can't play it because of format issues.

I'm very greatfull for sharing sonic 2 metropolis zone music Submitted by Axle Wolf Rating: When I go to play any of the song for this album it says file corrupt, try downloading it again. Can someone please fix them?

Not very good on the pitch though. He said it makes him cry. I'm not very happy that i have to BE a member on here to download a song into my computer. They have everything. I can always count on khinsider to provide me and everyone else with the original soundtracks of hundreds of games. Thumbs up!

From Brazil. I loved the Genesis! Sonic kinda sucks now. It sonic 2 metropolis zone music ended after Sonic Adventure Thanks for uploading.

I love these sound tracks! Only one problem, the quality could be a bit better. Make the quality a wee bit better Make the sound tracks longer My fav is The Bass theme. Sonic people like us blu-ray cover me of my childhood.

Sonic 2 was my sonic 2 metropolis zone music official Sonic experience. It is because of both the game itself and its marvelous soundtrack that I am hooked on Sonic to this day!

Absolutely outstanding. It's definitely the best in the series. Since it's all played with the same instruments, it's easy to make a medley. My favorite is the credits because, like Sonic 2 metropolis zone music said, it's a medley. This album has all the music in the game. I made a album for my dad for Christmas because it was his first game too. Thank you for making it so easy for me to listen and download my favorite songs!

Submitted by mariofan Rating: I Found Sound Test 10 in there! Submitted by BlueCatMage65 Rating: Except for Hilltop, Sky chase, and Wing fortress. Those ones are weird. Assassin's Creed. Metal Gear Solid. Shadow of the Colossus.

sonic 2 metropolis zone music

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