Crash landing ftb map in the description

crash landing ftb map in the description

I was looking at the Launcher today and saw Crash Landing on the list, and wanted to see everyone's thoughts on this new map/pack and. FTB originated as a custom challenge map in Minecraft that made heavy use of Crash Landing, Regrowth & MindCrackApr 23, · How To Create A FTB Server all mods used to have clearly stated permissions to Description. lolnet. co. You've managed to crash land on a dry, dusty planet. Ex Nihilo, , , Helper mod mainly used for SkyBlock type maps to help with SkyBlock maps. (As a rule of thumb, if you open up the large-view map, set the zoom level to x, . EDIT: I believe that the final version of the CrashLanding pack but here's a text description: exit your ship, turn left, and immediately dig. crash landing ftb map in the description

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I've seen both popular and less popular YouTubers start "Let's Plays" on Crash Landing, probably because of the similarities it shows to Agrarian Skies a hugely popular modpack.

Crash Landing is a situation where your ship has crash landed on a dust covered planet and you have to battle both dehydration and overheating to survive among other things. Most people, at the start of a Crash Landing play-through, go outside and build a wall, or dig a moat, to cover their crashed ship.

The problem with this method is that working outside rapidly increases your core temperature and dehydration rate. I was wondering if a smarter move would be to start your base underneath your ship, thus avoiding the dangers of outside.

Obviously the dust would fall down, but if you build your base under the solid blocks of your ship, it's likely that the dust wouldn't reach you. Also, since you're technically inside, your heat increases at a very slow rate and you dehydration is also slower. At night you might cool off, but then you can build a furnace or torch to keep you warm which are both easy to acquire.

Am I missing something important or is the best survival method by and large just a matter of personal preference? I haven't checked any of the source code so I don't know which factors affect the rate at which your character overheats but, logically, building an underground base in the desert seems like a more logical thing to do than just building a wall open to the desert sun.

From what I can tell, both from play experience and from reading through the EnviroMine configs, shade isn't configured to provide any base relief from the heat. EnviroMine supports it, but isn't configured that way. However, the extra heat penalty from wearing metallic armor only occurs when in the sun -- not that you'll be acquiring metallic armor during the first few days. The camelpack should be worn at all times, except maybe while exploring the city where extra defense is particularly useful.

In addition to efficient hydration, it actually has a 0. Similarly, each piece of diamond armor has 0. Almost every other armor with defensive value heats you up during the day -- though notably, armored jetpacks do not.

Also, I believe invar armor is still incorrectly configured to not heat you up, though steel has been fixed to be quite hot, with a 1.

In particular, see the "MyCustom. I've never had any problems with getting too cold at night, even when hanging out in an artificial snowy area Crash landing ftb map in the description built.

I suspect that you can't get hypothermia in this pack unless you really try to. I think I've only ever hit gempak all starz staffing stroke" levels when I accidentally let my camelpack get empty.

The constant sipping from your camelpack keeps your temperature below critical levels in almost any situation -- you just go through the water a lot faster when in a hot environment. The biggest problem with heat is not actually lava and pyrotheum, since you spend so little crash landing ftb map in the description standing close to those, but instead the machines you make.

Furnaces, generators, most MFR machines, and even torches put out a lot of heat. Sadly, they put out the heat even when they're off -- and even the ultra low energy survivalist generator puts out a ton of heat. However, this only affects you if you're within a 5-block radius. Early on, designate one part of your ship as the hot area I use the cockpit and stick your furnace, generator, crucible, etc in there.

Don't stand around there unless you're actively interacting with the machines. Once you have 4 glowstone dust and a flint, make a glowstone block and a flint saw and cut the glowstone block down into 32 glowstone nooks -- these are brighter than torches and put out no heat. As pointed out by airtonix below, glowstone nooks have been disabled in the final version of Crash Landing. I believe the most resource-efficient heat-free light source is now large glowstone bricks, which take 4 glowstone blocks and 1 stone bricks to make 8 glowstone brick blocks.

These can be harvested with a pickaxe without shattering. And finally, once you've secured more of an area around your base, move all the heat-generating machines off to a corner of your base that you don't hang around in.

And I'm not sure if you were looking for more than just enviromine numbers, but in the spirit of the title question:. Rush the first few quests. For instance, as soon as you get your one block of dirt, you can craft it into a dirty water bottle, turn that in for a clean water bottle and a new block of dirt, and then turn in the clean bottle for a cold water bottle.

If you get too hot from working near the pyrotheum perhaps by doing the day-1 cobble gen strategyyou can drink a cold water bottle to help you cool back down. Regardless of whether you're going to set up a pyrotheum-based day-1 cobble gen, dig a trench around the 6 striped yellow blocks at the entrance to your ship. It needs to be 3 deep so crash landing ftb map in the description skeletons can't shoot you from inside.

Harvest some of the dark glass from inside the ship easily done by hand and build a ceiling directly over the striped platform, to keep spiders off your head. Fill 2 of the 3 columns of the doorway with dark glass as well. Finally, if you have enough wood to spare, build trapdoors and use them to make a bridge over the pit.

When night falls, open up the trap doors, and occasionally poke your head outside to lure zombies and skeletons into the pit trap. They try to walk across the trap doors and fall in. Just be wary of spiders, some of them will be small enough to fit through crash landing ftb map in the description door.

In the morning, give things a moment to burn up -- but the pit will be full of creepers, and if any of them explode, all the drops are destroyed. Head to your cockpit, break through the glass, and walk north far enough for the creepers to despawn, then walk back and pick up all the mob drops. The bones in particular are really useful during the first few days, providing both bonemeal and soup stock. As a rule of thumb, if you open up the large-view map, set the zoom level to 0.

On the first day, in addition to harvesting some wood, try to gather enough dust to be able to spend most of the first night sifting. I like to clean up the front of the ship so I can see clearly when I need to bust out in the morning. The things you want most from the sifter early on are iron dust and more bonemeal.

Your early iron should go to: And possibly a bucket for setting up the cobblegen, but I recommend using a clay bucket for that, rather than waiting until you have 3 iron to spare. Clay can be found by the water leak outside crash landing ftb map in the description ship. Shears get you leaf blocks which can be transposed for water just as well as saplings, but are much easier to get in abundance.

The survivalist generator allows you to power the transposer without being reliant on the batteries flux capacitors found in the ship's strongboxes.

Not only is it crucial to get that power source set up before the batteries run out, but any juice leftover in the batteries can be used to charge up jetpacks. This is the only way to charge a jetpack before you've completed midgame and can build an energetic infuser. It's been pointed out that Tuberous Flux Capacitors are available as an another early-game option for charging your jetpack.

You just need to kill enough zombies to get a potato, plant it and grow some more, and then you can create as many potato batteries as you daler mehndi ukhli vich daana. For powering the survivalist generator, use a piece of charcoal -- or better yet, a charcoal block. A single charcoal will crash landing ftb map in the description for about 24 minutes, while a charcoal block will burn for almost 4. The cutting board is one of the cooking implements for Pam's HarvestCraft.

There's a quest you probably won't be able to access until day 2 that requires the cutting board and a few other implements, which only require stone and wood and rewards you with a pot.

Completing the quests in that corner of the quest book guides you through how to make some basic soups, and gives you a rice seed, that you can use to start up your initial crash landing ftb map in the description.

Soups are a good early way to keep your diet varied enough to avoid diminishing returns. Early on, any time you harvest a crop, you should left-click it ie, punch it. This gets you extra seeds as compared to harvesting by right-click.

This lets you expand your farm faster, complete the 10 rice seeds quest faster, and have leftover seeds for seed soup. I don't know why it's configured that way, seems silly to me. Once you have some glass get sand from hammering cobble twicebuild a tank for your fluid transposer to output into.

This way you can both store more fluid, crash landing ftb map in the description also bottle up the fluid by simply right-clicking it on the tank, rather than having to put them through the transposer flipping modes back and forth and waiting. The copper flavor crash landing ftb map in the description Thermal Expansion's portable tank is the earliest one you can build -- 1 copper and 4 glass, it holds 8 bottles worth. Later you may want to upgrade to OpenBlocks tanks and eventually a drum.

Note that filling containers from an OpenBlocks tank causes the item to disappear from your inventory until you try to move it around -- just a visual bug, but it can be confusing. Once you have a proper cobblegen lava, not pyrotheum basedcrash landing ftb map in the description a transfer node and attach it to the generated block of cobble.

Use the extra transfer pipes to pipe it a safe distance away from the lava and into a chest or JABBA barrel.

The transfer node acts as a ridiculously fast cobble generator when used in this way. The needlegun is awesome. Accurate, long-range, hinders endermen teleportation, and you can refill the ammo canisters using arrows and gunpowder -- but you can't build new ammo canisters until you've got rubber trees, so be careful not to lose any.

They pop out in front of you whenever the gun empties; I've had them fall indochine le birthday album templates monster filled trenches once or twice. Whether you made the pyrotheum stonegen or not, block off the pyrotheum just before the first night falls.

This is most easily done by climbing atop the ruined engine from behind and dropping dust. Otherwise, all night long you'll have creepers wandering into the pyrotheum, which causes super explosions that will damage you even through the walls of your ship. Longer-term, your options for dealing with the pyrotheum are: This is apparently intentional, though it feels like a glitch to me.

As with moving actual lava, the clay bucket will be destroyed when you pour the lava out. It will melt items in the crucible at 0.

This is the route I strongly recommend. If you chose the easy route, you get a free sync shell constructor and a leadstone energy cell to power it.

Place the sync shell constructor inside your base -- make crash landing ftb map in the description that the door is oriented somewhere that's not blocked off -- and right click it. This will damage you slightly. Place the leadstone energy cell such that it can power the shell constructor. Only once the clone is fully built takes a few minutes will you be safe from permadeath.

If you die, all your items will be placed in an OpenBlocks gravestone, and crash landing ftb map in the description respawn at the shell constructor. Immediately re-log to fix an EnviroMine glitch, and then start a new clone being built.

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