Churchie chess 2014

churchie chess 2014

Australian Student Prize Ten young men from Churchie have been Chess and Rugby Union Congratulations to Churchie's Chess Team of Ivan Zelich. Eagles' Wings archive. Click on the images below to view past issues of Eagles' Wings from onwards. Winter Issue · Summer Issue The Anglican Church Grammar School (ACGS), formerly the Church of England Grammar .. With seventeen premierships as of , Churchie has always been one of the strongest schools in the Churchie's inter-house competition includes swimming, cross-country, track and field, trivia, lightning chess and singing. Churchie's Premier Chess team performed outstandingly throughout the GPS season and is has secured an equal third position at the.

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The match was decided after eleven of twelve scheduled games. On 23 November Carlsen retained his title, winning three games, losing one and drawing seven.

The challenger was determined in the Candidates Tournamentan eight-player double round-robin tournament that took place in Khanty-MansiyskRussiafrom 13 March to 31 March Prize money was shared between players tied on points; tiebreaks were churchie chess 2014 used to allocate it. The prizes for each place were as follows: In the event churchie chess 2014 a tie, the following tie-break methods were used, in order of precedence: Prior to the match, from to 6 NovemberAnand and Carlsen had played 40 games against each other at classical time controlsout churchie chess 2014 which Carlsen won six, Anand won six, and twenty-eight were drawn.

Both Carlsen and Anand appeared in the ChampionshipAnand as the reigning world champion and Carlsen as the challenger. This marked the first time the same two opponents met in consecutive World Championship matches since Garry Kasparov played Anatoly Karpov five times between and Anand is only the second former champion after Karpov in and to win a Candidates tournament.

At 44, Anand is the second oldest person to win a Candidates tournament, behind Viktor Korchnoi in and The match organizers faced several significant hurdles in organizing the event. The match venue was not finalized until Junebecause the formal application from Norwaywhich was expected to host the title match at the time, was not forthcoming. In the third week of August, Carlsen requested that the match be postponed because he was not satisfied with the choice of venue.

However, Anand agreed to play versus Carlsen in Sochi on the proposed dates, and in early August, Carlsen signed the agreement to defend his title in Sochi. This left the organizers, Agon Limited, the holder of rights to holding FIDE international tournaments [14] only two months to prepare and organize the event. Gazprom and Summa Group were the main sponsors of the match. The total number of unique visitors to the website during the match was Andrzej Filipowicz was chief arbiter for the match.

Both Carlsen and Anand had a team of seconds to aid in their match preparation. Carlsen was also in touch with Garry Churchie chess 2014 before the match. The Championship match consisted of 12 games and, if necessary, tie-break games. The winner of the match would be the first player churchie chess 2014 score 6. The time control for the "classical" portion of the match was: Had tie-breakers been necessary, four rapid games would have been played at a time control of 25 minutes plus a second increment per move.

In that game, white would have received 5 minutes, black 4 minutes and a 3-second increment after move 61 for both; in the event of a draw, the player of the black pieces would have been declared champion. The games were played according to the FIDE Laws of Chess prior to 1 Julyin order to keep uniformity throughout the entire championship cycle.

The prize fund was 1 million Euros. This is the minimum prize fund stipulated by FIDE in the official regulations. If the match went to tie-break games, the winner would receive 55 percent and the loser 45 percent. The opening ceremony was held on 7 November Unlike the match, Churchie chess 2014 played with the white pieces in the first game.

The games started daily at The first game of the match was played on 8 November Anand, who went down on time as the game progressed, fought a queen and rook middle game to eventually draw with the World Champion.

Carlsen didn't make the best of his chances with He allowed a quick draw after Re2 Rb4 b5 The second game was played on 9 November The opening was the solid Berlin variation of the Ruy Lopez where Carlsen played 4. Carlsen gave up the bishop pair to double Anand's c-pawns churchie chess 2014 the result of the opening was roughly equal. However, Anand's moves Rd8, Be6, and Ng6 all contributed to making his position more unpleasant. In the heavy-piece endgame Carlsen's active pieces and outpost on e6 gave him a clear advantage.

The game ended abruptly when Anand blundered with Qb7 forcing instant resignation, because there is no good defense to Qg7 with checkmate. Qd2 was youtube mozilla firefox way churchie chess 2014 fight on but Anand's chances of a successful defence were slim. Carlsen took the lead in the match. The third game was played on 11 November Anand's superior opening preparation was the decisive factor in this game.

In a sharp, topical variation of the Queen's Gambit Declined involving an early Queen's side attack by White, he improved on an earlier game between Levon Aronian and Michael Adams. He soon had a clear advantage, his c-pawn on the 7th rank being far more dangerous churchie chess 2014 Carlsen's passed a-pawn. This churchie chess 2014 Anand's first and thus far as of January churchie chess 2014, only victory over Carlsen in a world championship game.

The fourth game was played on 12 November Anand played the first Sicilian of the match, Carlsen opting to avoid the open Sicilian with the quiet 3. Carlsen eventually gained a small advantage due to Black's isolated d-pawn, but Anand defended robustly. The game ended in a hard fought draw. The fifth game was played on 14 November Carlsen played a rare line in the Queen's Indian Defensebut Anand was well prepared and soon gained the advantage.

On move 22, Carlsen made a risky decision to capture a pawn on b2 rather than enter an inferior endgame. He soon had to return the pawn and spoil his king's side pawn structure, but at the same time he managed to liquidate the pawns on the queen's side. The game was drawn shortly afterwards.

The sixth game was played on 15 November After an early queen exchange he soon developed a commanding position and appeared to have excellent winning chances. At move 26 there was a double blunder. Carlsen's Ke2 Rxg8, and Black will churchie chess 2014 up with 2 extra pawns on e5 and c4 and excellent winning churchie chess 2014. However, Anand missed this and played Carlsen made no further mistakes and converted his advantage into a win.

The seventh game was played on source a jeho kat movie November The opening was the highly theoretical Berlin Defence of the Ruy Lopez. Carlsen retained a slight advantage, despite sacrificing a pawn. At move 31 Carlsen was poised to win back the e5-pawn, thereby establishing connected passed pawns, but Anand instead sacrificed his bishop for two pawns and cleared away all the pawns on the kingside.

With an extra knight, Carlsen tried to win but he was unable to penetrate Anand's defenses. Eventually the players traded down into a rook and knight versus rook endgame that is a theoretical draw and Anand made no mistakes while defending it.

Carlsen finally acquiesced to a rook exchange on movedrawing immediately. With this draw, Carlsen still led by one point. This is the second-longest game ever played in a World Chess Championship. The record is still held by the fifth game in the World Championships. Viktor Korchnoi and Anatoly Karpov played moves before the game ended in a stalemate. The eighth game was played on 18 November The opening was a Queen's Gambit Declined with 5.

Bf4 which had won for Anand in game 3. Carlsen deviated from that game by playing During the game, Anand piled up a bishop and queen on the b1-h7 diagonal against Carlsen's king, but Carlsen was able to initiate a series of exchanges and obtain an easily drawn endgame. The ninth game was played on 20 November The opening was the Berlin Defence anbeek dbnl the Ruy Lopez. The game was drawn due to threefold repetition on the 20th move.

This game included no original moves. The draw meant that Carlsen was closer to converting his 1-point lead to a match win, though Anand seemed satisfied to draw early and focus on his two remaining games with the white pieces.

Although a short draw at 20 moves, this game is far from the shortest in match history; a pair of move draws sealed Petrosian's match victory over Botvinnik in The tenth churchie chess 2014 was played on churchie chess 2014 November Anand obtained a passed pawn on d5 that was isolated but well defended, and Carlsen was under pressure for much of churchie chess 2014 game.

Anand's temporary bishop sacrifice Bxb7 allowed the d-pawn through to its queening square and so winning the piece back, but the resulting double rook endgame was equal and soon agreed drawn.

Founded in by Canon William Perry French Morris, [1] Churchie has a non-selective enrolment policy and currently caters for approximately 1, students from Reception to Year 12, [2] including boarders from Years 7 to Churchie, widely recognised as one of Brisbane's most prestigious schools, [13] is among Australia's richest based on earnings and donations from alumni. InCanon William Perry French Morris and his wife who held degrees in science and churchie chess 2014 founded a school called St Magnus Hall at Ardencraig, a suburban house in Church Street now Jephson StreetToowong[17] before relocating it to the present site in East Brisbane in Canon Morris assigned Saint Magnusa Norsemen earl, as the patron saint of the school and had hoped that the students would be referred to as 'Magnates'.

Thirty-three boys completed the school year that year. Inthe land that the school currently stands on was purchased and, inthe foundation stone was laid on the school's current site.

However, the school continues to be popularly known as Churchie. In MayFrederick Roy Hoskins, a former teacher and boarding house head, pleaded guilty to sixteen child sex offences committed against seven victims aged nine to fifteen between and He had taught at the school for forty years. On the afternoon of 7 Decembera fire started in the Lanskey Building between two Year 7 classrooms.

The automated fire system set alarms off, and churchie chess 2014 after 4: During Aprilthere was community debate when students were disallowed from inviting male partners to the school formal.

In Octoberthe deputy head of the preparatory school, Chris Klemm, was stood churchie chess 2014 due to 'serious allegations' made against him. The Headmaster issued letters to all parents regarding the matter, but kept the allegation, which was revealed in the mid-semester churchie chess 2014 break, confidential.

In latethe school began extensive construction work to upgrade its cultural and sporting facilities. Over two years, three new complexes were built at the school's East Brisbane campus: Churchie celebrated its centenary in In OctoberSchool House, the oldest building on site and home to the boarding community, was refurbished.

The following year The Centenary Library was opened and now houses Student Services, the Senior School library, churchie chess 2014 and a research centre focusing on learning spaces and innovative learning environments.

Canon Morris based much of the school's ethos on its patron saintSt Magnusa Norsemen earl known for his strength of character and his qualities as an educated Christian man. The Viking tradition is reflected in the school coat of armswith its shield and battle axes symbolising Churchie chess 2014 courage, and its crossed axes signifying self-sacrifice and St Magnus' martyrdom. Churchie's twenty-two hectare campus is located in inner-city Brisbane. The first building on the site was the old boarding house, erected in The school gates on Oaklands Parade, East Brisbane.

Churchie provides a scholastic environment based on personalised academic pathways for every student developed through academic profiling and examination of each student's individual needs. The school's approach is strongly influenced by the values and writings of Canon Morris, the school's founder, who believed boys needed a clear sense of what churchie chess 2014 right — honesty, integrity, perseverance, patience, courage and courtesy.

Churchie is involved in a number of educational research programmes carried out by various Australian universities, including the universities of Melbourne and Swinburne University of Technology. Its new generation learning space [39] and emotional intelligence [40] programmes are examples of such research-led initiatives.

Churchie's Preparatory School comprises Reception to Year 6. Students in Years 4, 5 and 6 must lease from the school their own tablet computer as part of Churchie's tablet computer programme. InChurchie chess 2014 combined the middle and senior churchie chess 2014 into a single Senior School for the secondary school years 7 to Students in Years 7 to 9 use the same curriculum, which focuses on English, mathematics, humanities, science, modern languages Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish or Frenchreligious education, and health and physical education.

Electives include design technology, and visual and media arts, music, drama, geography, engineering technology, advanced science, information technology, film, television and new media and philosophy and critical reasoning. Year 10 Students study English, mathematics, history, science, religious education, modern languages and history plus three elective subjects.

English and Mathematics A or Mathematics B are compulsory. The remaining four are drawn from the following list: Students also receive leadership development training as part of the pastoral learning curriculum and the school's outdoor education programme. Senior students are able to apply their leadership skills during house and co-curricular activities by, for example, mentoring younger students or undertaking duties for the house or School. Churchie offers a range of sporting and cultural activities to all students.

Boys of all skill levels are given the opportunity to participate in numerous sports, including: Churchie has been highly successful in the GPS sporting competition winning the top GPS school premiership over all competitions 3 years in a row, inand This premiership was known as the Bauman Cup which was first awarded in and discontinued in Churchie was awarded churchie chess 2014 Bauman Cup a record 16 times.

Churchie's rowing history dates back to its establishment in Rowing was initially based at the Toowong Rowing Club, near the school's original grounds. Later, inthe school built its own boatshed and rowing facilities at Norman Creek.

The school's rowing program now operates from the Graham Fowles Boathouse, built in on the site of the old boatshed. SinceChurchie has entered both quads and eights in the Queensland Head of the RiverQueensland's premier high school rowing competition. Churchie won the cup six times in quads, and Initially, rugby league was played by the GPS churchie chess 2014 only in did they convert to rugby union.

David Pocock and Quade Cooper. Twenty-four Churchie students have been selected for the Australian Schoolboys national rugby union teamthe highest level of schoolboy rugby in Australia, seductia femeilor pdf the team's inception in The school's music program includes a symphony orchestra, an assortment of bands and choirs and a choral dectet.

Individual tuition is available for students studying an instrument or voice and speech. Churchie also provides the choristers for St John's Cathedral. Churchie runs annual musical productions in conjunction with Somerville House. The Stage Crew is a group churchie chess 2014 school students who work on productions, assemblies, service events, dances and other activities that require technical organisation. Stage Crew is broken up into four departments: Community service, along with scholastic attainment, spiritual awareness and personal growth, is one of the four tenets of the school.

Churchie students are regularly involved in a number of charitable events including doorknocks, fundraisers especially for the Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave[54] nursing home visits and mobile Blood Bank donations. The school also conducts international service tours where students assist local schools and community organisations. Recent international service tours have visited India, China, Vanuatu and Samoa. One of the most important service activities for the year is the Sony Foundation Children's Holiday Camp Program, where students from Years Eleven and Twelve care for chocomilo movies child with special needs during the September Holidays.

As with most Australian schools, Churchie utilises a churchie chess 2014 system. Each student is a member of one of its eleven houses, and competes in inter-house events.

Churchie's inter-house competition includes swimmingcross-countrytrack and fieldtrivialightning chess and singing. Points are awarded based churchie chess 2014 a house's participation and position.

In addition to the Inter-House Cup awarded at the end of the year, shields are awarded to the house that comes first in each event. Canon Morris started Churchie's house system in Day students from the middle and senior schools belong to one of nine day houses.

The preparatory school has four houses, all of which are day houses: Jutes, Angles, Saxons and Danes. Biggs house was named after E. Biggs, a member of the first school council. He attended the school from — The Biggs family's association with the school continues to the present day.

The house motto is Semper Conemur 'Always Striving'. Blue and White. Casey house was founded in and named in honour of Richard Gardiner Casey —later Churchie chess 2014 Casey of Berwick, a distinguished Australian diplomat, politician and Governor-General of Australia. The house coat of arms incorporates themes from Casey's own coat of arms, with the addition of the crossed Viking swords.

Gold and Royal Purple Baron Casey's own colours. Grenfell, churchie chess 2014 inwas one of the first four-day houses at Churchie. Grenfell was a doctor whose love of the sea and interest in boating led him to becoming a master mariner.

A lecturer of his suggested he join a large fishing fleet as their doctor. Within five years he had encouraged the fishermen to stop drinking alcohol and Queen Victoria's interest in his successful persuasion of the crew led to her presenting the fleet with its first hospital boat.

InGrenfell sailed to Cape St. John in the North Atlantic. Churchie chess 2014 was mobbed churchie chess 2014 people who needed medical attention. The following spring he returned to Labrador with two churchie chess 2014 and nurses, where he set up two hospital bases for the Eskimos who populated Labrador.

A third hospital was set up at St. Anthony in churchie chess 2014 Sir Wilfred Grenfell gave the school permission to use his personal motto, Loyal Devoirand coat of arms when the house was established. Red and Gold. Hillary house was named by the late headmaster Charles Churchie chess 2014, who looked for men who had achieved success in their chosen field. Descendants torrent house colours and crest were chosen by the first students of Hillary from designs submitted by students.

The crest incorporated the symbols of knighthood—a knight's helmet, a castle, and a fist pointing upward. The house motto is Semper Sursum 'Ever Upward'. Black and Gold. Kingsley was one of the original four houses.

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