Chrono cross psx4all

chrono cross psx4all

well I felt like playing chrono cross for some nostalgia, but since I dropped my ps1 back while I was moving, I decided to get it on my iPod since it was. So I re-downloaded psx4all and put FF7 and Chrono Cross on. The problem is that it runs extremely slow. It says like 30 fps but it feels like 5. psx4all compatibility list. Author Topic: psx4all compatibility list (Read times) . Chrono Cross FF tactics. Madden Medal of. Tony Hawks Pro Skater (1) works: hardly playable. Chrono Cross freezes at beginning (intro movies) Oddworld: Abe's Ody, works. But not able to sneak on R2.

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Boards Help Wiki Rules Donate. Author Topic: GideonB Guest. Need for Speed 1 - schp October 17, Meneer Jansen Posts: Crashes during the Lucasarts logo. Omega Gemo Guest. SCPH Can get to the start game screen, but initial cutscene causes it to "seem to" freeze.

Numbers on top are still running, but chrono cross psx4all picture on screen, so cannot be certain. Has been on black screen for 10 minutes now, though. SCPH Freezes at initial menu screen due to a cutscene-like intro before the start game menu. It seems this emulator can't handle 3D stuff at all yet. QBert Guest. Einhander Mode: NTSC Emulator version: BIN Frameskip: Seems to work fine. Tomba Mode: Segfaults at beginning of first level Name: Abe's Oddysee Mode: Crashes with a "floating point exception" after first screen of first level, with or without "Abe's Oddysee Fix" enabled.

Ridge Racer Revolution Mode: Emulator version: ISO Frameskip: Runs slow, but its playable. Better performance than Ridge Racer. Crash Bandicoot 2 Mode: CBN Frameskip: Slow framerate, jumpy chrono cross psx4all. Left quarter of the screen chrono cross psx4all duplicated at the right side. Klonoa Mode: Somewhat slow, but otherwise playable.

Rollcage Mode: Segfaults on memory card screen. Ace Combat 3 Chrono cross psx4all Freezes on loading screen. Derk Posts: Leaving those on makes it very buggy. But frameskip chrono cross psx4all give noticable performance boost even with those turned off. Twisted Metal Mode: Works great so far Name: Twisted Metal 2 Mode: Works great so far, this will load without ideologia oriente bios and it does seem a bit quicker Name: Silent Hill Mode: Sprite outline issues as previously mentioned by nine10, and slow movement.

October 18, Nascar 98 50th anniversary Mode: Little slow but quite playable. Quote johnny i love you 1982 songs Meneer Jansen on October 18, Could see the startup video and logo, but the screen becomes black when press start new game. With no bios and interlace 1, Side by Side runs at 55fps. That's nearly fullspeed. SMF 2. Post a new topic.

Boards Help Wiki Rules Donate. Author Topic: AegisMoonlight OP Posts: Been thinking on getting a RS and kinda curious about PS1 emulation on it also this could be a good thread for people to know what games are playable and which are not.

We would need an online Google doc spreadsheat like the one for the GCW0 version. As for my personal experience, Digimon World runs fullspeed on it. HLE works fine here I admit that is all i've tried so far Ray Tracers works well since the updated emulator, not far off full speed.

Just about everything else 3D has been pretty slow though. I wouldn't buy this if you want to emulate a PS1, honestly the best budget console for that is still a PSP or Great Crippler Posts: Here's my testing so far.

All tested games are my personal converted eboots other than FF Tactics which is an img chrono cross psx4all. Mega Man X 3: Works Well Final Fantasy Tactics: Slow Cut Scenes with some graphics distortion. Very playable. Castlevania SOTN: Works chrono cross psx4all. Runs better with bios enabled, but text is is missing in places during dialogue. All text is present without bios, but runs a bit slower.

The Raiden Project: Set screen to Chrono cross psx4all in the options, otherwise the right bar is glitched. Small dead space, but very playable. Works Well Azure Dreams: Loads, but text is unreadable in many places. Would be difficult to get through. Ogre Battle MotBQ: Works Well R-Type Delta: Not full speed, but very playable. Not full speed, but playable. Can I ask you how you are able to change the settings in chrono cross psx4all emulator? What button combo brings up the menu? I've been trying everything and I can't make it appear.

Sodapop Posts: Hit select start to bring up the menu in psx4all. The chrono cross psx4all puzzle games work really well from my experience. Block Kuzushi Kawashite Help! I can't believe I missed that. Watch movies online telugu without you!

The only issue I have is getting MSX's audio to work. HercTNT Posts: Most games i have tried have not worked well for me. Ok so here are the games for ps1 I have kept so far that are playable run well or only needed chrono cross psx4all frame skipping changed Alundra 1. November 16, Forgot to mention I also have put in every available ps1 bios out there Quote from: AegisMoonlight on August 31, I would be curious to know what settings were used for destruction derby.

I have managed to get the default settings to work and play a single race but thats about it. It has to be said though, for a full 3d game, it runs extremely well. As Riverinwoods said, without everyone involved chrono cross psx4all would not be possible.

HercTNT on September 04, Manofaction89 Posts: I saw on another forum that this emulator is running at the wrong resolution?

Also saw a picture of Tekken 3 running on this device? December 11, Tekken 2 n 3 running to slow even overclocked didn? Castlevania Symphony of the Night and Mega Man 8 both run at full speed. Literally no problems with chrono cross psx4all so far. Dhelix Posts: Do those games exist for RS play? Anyone tried them? Metal Gear seems like it could work in a way because it always played slow and stealthy anyway.

Anyone tried these? November 11, SMF 2. Post a new topic.

chrono cross psx4all

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