Cartographer es posthumus games

cartographer es posthumus games

A two CD mix of classical and pop music. (28 tracks in all) In , the ancient map "Piri Reis" was discovered in Constantinople. The map is extraordinary. E.S. Posthumus is the duo of brothers Helmut Vonlichten and Franz Cartographer (featuring Luna Sans) Intense Music - Video games, anime and OST. E.S. Posthumus / Cartographer / CD / Rock / After reading the reviews on this album, despite some that were not recommending the album, I forged ahead and expected the worst and hoped for the best. (), Cartographer (). Professional ratings. Review scores. Source, Rating. Allmusic, /5 stars., /5 stars. TrackSounds, 8/10 stars. Unearthed, the first album composed by E.S. Posthumus, was originally made available for menu music for the racing video game Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli. cartographer es posthumus games

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Mosane Pi ,E.S. Posthumus - Cartographer (2008)

Neil S. Posthumus Also from E. Cartographer Composed by E. Posthumus Wigshop Records The Last Voyage of the Niva Review by Christopher Coleman Some years ago from a small island, Numa, which once sat off the southeast coast of the Dark Continent, a small sea-vessel set sail on its sixth and final venture to complete the Numadian mapping voyages.

Instituted by the Island's king, Oraan II, the great sailing vessel, the Niva, her crew, and their captain, Sollentus, were commissioned to sail as much of the known seas that they could within 5 years - detailing all they discovered. Returning, after just 3 years at sea, full of new foods, animals, art, music and knowledge, the Niva and her crew found their island-home swallowed by the sea szalone mamuty games only the top of Mount Isonova left above water.

Atop the holy mountain, stood The Great Tree of Numa. The men of the Niva cut down the tree and took it with them as they sailed on to find a new home. Everyman, still heartbroken, was ordered by captain Sollentus, to write their life-story and knowledge of history on sheets made from the bark of the Great Tree while they sailed all the seas they had just returned from.

Most wrote stories of their lost wives and children. Others wrote great poems, cartographer es posthumus games songs, but cartographer es posthumus games committed his memory to all that they had seen in their voyages to maps. There was no record of the Niva's final voyage, her crew, or their writings The Numadian vessel was unearthed at Islas Malvinas and to this day new discoveries are made at the dig site illuminating our knowledge of their culture and history.

I wish I could say that was the story behind E. Except for the Numa references and the other proper names employed, it's all a bit of story from my head. I have little doubt that this firing of imagination, albeit brief, was not so far from the intent of the duo - to get us to wonder what both the lyrics and music is saying to us. Their music was heard in an ever-growing parade of major movie trailers including: It wouldn't be until latethat the young, composing siblings, would release their next full CD It might be expected that their second release would be "more of the same" - the same great stuff that so many couldn't get enough of back in And who could blame them if they had done just that?

On the other hand, Unearthed has since set-off a wave of would-be's and sound-a-likes, which could have made this new release a little redundant if the duo merely tramped back across cartographer es posthumus games tundra they had themselves pioneered. So then just what does E. Posthumus do as a cartographer es posthumus games to their groundbreaking effort? They build. Instead of simply producing "more of the same" the group takes their well-established sound of full-force orchestra, rock-band elements, and synths, and adds a new layer: One might expect them to have pushed the envelope with an even more aggressive stance, but, in fact, the opposite is true.

The first disc, containing all original pieces and are somewhat difficult to classify. It might be best to say that their expected symphonic elements have been infused with a pop-smooth-jazz-flavor, in addition to the intoxicating vocals of LUNA SANS.

Disc 1 demonstrates a romantic side of E. The lyrics on "Nolitus," as well as the other vocal pieces, are all written in a language devised by the composers themselves.

In fact, the two, motivated out of their own passion for archeology, invented more than just a language but an fictional island, Numa, and a culture to give their language, Numadian, some substance. Their hope was for their listeners to experience an even greater sense of wonder and mystery while listening to each piece. Clearly, in my case, that's exactly what happened. Even beyond Luna Sans captivating vocalizations, E. Posthumus' flair for the exotic pours through. Whether it is the sound of mandolins in "Isonova" 2or the pony waliye song of a whirling dervish of "Mosane" 6 or the steel-guitar in "Nasivern" 13 a truly worldly, or even otherworldly, feel is exuded.

What will surprise some is just how subdued disc 1 is if compared to Unearthed. Among these are a few that contain truly memorable melodies: Posthumus to begin with. There are two original pieces as well. That cartographer es posthumus games is short-lived at only 1: What tends to be the largest difference in these remixes, aside from the absence of Luna Sans' vocals, are more dramatic introductions to most of the tracks. Concluding this double disc release is "Odenall Pi" 28which, like "Ashielf Pi" is not a remix of any of the disc 1 tracks.

It ends this experience on a distinctly positive and upbeat note where all of the key zte c s1602 flash file from the entire release are afforded moments to shine: Oddly enough, just how much you enjoy disc 2 depends on how cartographer es posthumus games you listen to disc 1.

Having become accustomed to LUNA SANS' vocals featured so heavily on the first disc 2, no matter the variations in arrangement or mix, the "instrumental" versions can feel as though something is missing. No doubt, if you spend the majority of time on disc 2, you'll avert this inconvenient cartographer es posthumus games. And E. Fair warning: Helmut and Franz Vonlichten, have simmered things down and managed to reinvent themselves to some degree here. The collaboration of this new trio provide cartographer es posthumus games sound that could find a home on your local smooth-jazz cartographer es posthumus games as easily as your favorite internet-soundtrack-station.

I recommend giving this release a chance to set your own imagination on a new voyage. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Cartographer by E. Posthumus Unearthed. Posthumus Wigshop Records Rating: The Winter Soldier Rio 2. Also from E. Track Title. Track Time. Total Running Time. Ashielf Pi. Oraanu Pi. The Film Music Experience. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form.

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