Adhinayakudu movie songs

adhinayakudu movie songs

Adhigo Adhinayakudu Song Lyrics from Adhinayakudu movie. Guruda Itu Raaraa Song Lyrics. Lyricist: Oorantha Dandalette Devude Song Lyrics. Lyricist. Lyrics for the five songs were penned by Bhaskarabhatla and one song was written Adhinayakudu, Film was critically panned by many reviewers for its lack of. Adhinayakudu Telugu Full Movie Part 8 Balakrishna Lakshmi Rai Saloni Latest Telugu ADIGA ADIGA Full Video Song NINNU KORI Telugu Movie Songs Nani . Nandamuri balakrishna latest movie adhinayakudu releasing today, screens world wide. Balakrishna first time in his career plays three roles in a movie. Nandamuri Balakrishna new movie legend first look and songs.

A2Z telugu lyrics: Mast jawani jalsa jalsa song lyrics from Adhinayakudu Telugu movie

ActionDrama. A Grandson from a political family struggles to level up with his father and grandfather. Balakrishna plays all three roles in this film.

For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on adhinayakudu movie songs smartphone or tablet. Get the IMDb app. See what's trending now. Stars of the Queen remakes, Tamannaah BhatiaKajal Aggarwaland Parul Yadav share their movie recommendations and embarrassingly reveal the classic movies they've never seen.

Tune in to the conversation! Watch now. Check out our guide to the Academy Awards, our coverage of the awards season, and more. Adhinayakudu ActionDrama. Add this title to your Watchlist. Critic Reviews. Add Image. Laxmi Rai. Pradeep Singh Rawat. Charan Raj. Saloni Aswani. Karuna Bhushan.

John Kokken. Minister Nitin Patil's Son. Roald Smeets. Paruchuri Murali. Pancholi Murali. Share Facebook Twitter E-mail. Trending Telugu Movies. Fun and Frustration. Watch Our Exclusive Interview. Discover Their Watchlist. When I saw the movie I was very curious and feel excitement about this movie.

NBK is one of my favorite Telugu actors. He has good numbers of fan following and he is a good actor. I like his acting style and the most enjoyable thing of adhinayakudu movie songs acting is his dialogue delivery.

All of his movies has lots of crunchy masala type dialogues. I like that kind of dialogues. I am telling this because this movie is very anticipated for me and without reading any reviews or comments I was watching this movie.

But after watching this, this is one of my biggest nightmares and this is the awful experience I have ever experienced. Really pathetic and I want my time back. Absolutely pathetic. NBK plays a triple role for this movie this is the most terrible joke. The story is very boring, nothing new and very outrageously created.

The story writer actually concentrates nothing and I think adhinayakudu movie songs has no cinema related knowledge. The screenplay is very pathetically written and when the quality is the concern the output is fearsome. The director I don't want to pronounce his name because this guy is another joke has done a brilliant "atrocious" job and showed us how a bad movie would be created. This is the perfect example of a shameless direction.

Adhinayakudu movie songs the lead character, NBK has done an awful job and his characters are total bitter. I don't want to tell tony allen no discrimination rar technical aspects because I have no energy to write about these after watching this pathetic movie.

If you want some flat "fun" this is the perfect choice for you. If you want to make angry someone you can gift a copy of this adhinayakudu movie songs to him! Did You Know? Details Release Date: Bush Parody. Awards Central. More To Explore Search on Amazon.

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Adhinayakudu Telugu Movie Songs - Adhigo Video Song - Balakrishna - Saloni - Lakshmi Rai

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