Aagaya vennilave yahoo

aagaya vennilave yahoo

mail id: aishu15g @ vfb-community.de website: . N 9 / # C # 9 S 4 c N. //.aishu15g @ yahoo@ - $ %" 5 / 5 %7 aagaya vfb-community.de Uploaded by. The song “Aagaya vennilavae” from Arangetra velai is one such Googly from . Vicky (Vignesh Subramanian - vignesh_s@vfb-community.de), ilaiyaraaja yahoo groups. vfb-community.de From: ss Aagaya Vennilave song is very good. AAGAYA VENNILAVE is ultimate. Fav Song: Munpaniya, Aagaya vennilave, Maalaiyi yaaro. Contact: Website: vfb-community.de Email: muthuduraijob@vfb-community.de 6 Raga - Darbari Kanada - Aagaya Vennilave – Arangetra Velai - K J Jesudoss, Uma Ramanan. 7 Raga - Sindhu Bhairavi - Muthumani Malai - Chinna Gounder. Chords for Agaya Vennilave Video Song HD | Arangetra Velai Tamil Movie Songs | Prabhu | Revathi | Ilayaraja. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with .

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Ilaiyaraaja's Arangetra Velai

All Rights Reserved. Aagaya Vennilave lyrics. Arangetra Velai. Music Director: Uma RamananS. JanakiK. Other Aagaya Vennilave Songs. Kundu Onnu Vachirukken lyrics. Mamanukkum Machanukkum lyrics. ChitraMano. Thai Ariyatha lyrics. ShailajaMano. Latest Movie lyrics. Dha Aagaya vennilave yahoo 87 Songs lyrics Director: Vijay Srig Music Director: Mehandi Circus Songs lyrics Director: Raju Saravanan Music Director: Sean Roldan. Kanne Kalaimaane Songs lyrics Director: Seenu Ramasamy Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja.

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She is My Girl lyrics Movie: Peter Beata Yethu lyrics Movie: Yaayum Gnayum lyrics Movie: Sagaa Music Director: Click here for Top 50 Tamil Songs. You may also be interested in. Aagaya Vennilave Fans Reviews Wonderful lovable lyrics MadhavanChennai on Location optional. Submit Comment. Aagaya Vennilave Mp3 is not available in the site and we request you to buy the original audio cd from Tamil Music Online Stores like.

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Research Post 4 - The Art of Googly. Sunil Gavaskar often comments that our Anil Kumble has mastered googly like no one. IlayiaRaaja has produced many googlies too…. Songs that look like composed in a particular style, while they are not… Songs that look like composed in a one Raaga, which is actually done in another…. Songs which makes you almost conclude that its song by Malaysia while you realize that Raaja made SPB sing like that for a specific reason Say to suit a hero more!!

However, this number would join my long list of songs where the picturisation of the song can be held responsible for ruthlessly murdering such great songs… Surprisingly it was Aagaya vennilave yahoo who did such a poor visual for aagaya vennilave yahoo song… Deliberately making VK RamasamyPrabhu and Revathi to stimulate their imaginary horse Karpanai kudhiraya thatti vuduradhu!!

When I heard this song, for long time now I thought this song was set to Adhi talam… The reason for that is this song carried all the qualification that googly has it of a leg spin.

A universal pattern in Rhythm settings is that, Whenever the pallavi aagaya vennilave yahoo charanam ends and the pallavi starts again, there will be a brief twist in the rhythm during the last bar. Adding more to my misery, Raaja plays with the rhythm in this song by perfectly changing the style to Aadhi in both the interludes.

A perfect googly by an accomplished leg-spinner!! Its again the same concept that we discussed before…. We discussed in details how he produced a Googly in Roopakam while it was in Aagaya vennilave yahoo. Here comes the next googly. I aagaya vennilave yahoo normally in Tamilnadu, composers who proclaim themselves as national or international very often run out of their ideas and re-use the same melody in Tamil, which they used in a different language or vice-versa.

Even when he chooses to re-use a melody on a different song, he totally gives it a new outfit with brand new prelude and interludes. All the songs in that movie are his own all time hits but with entirely new ideas.

Sometimes he even uses two different melodies for the same pallavi. This melody is the second Googly from Raaja, which we discuss further. But I surely can imagine what made Raaja to choose this particular swara combination of GM without 'Dha'. If you see, Gowri Manohari druckersymbol hardcopy a raaga very much suited for situations where you are in pursuit of something It can be Love, Devinity, peace of mind etc etc.

When poignantly used, The presence of Big 'Ri' and Big 'Dha' in this raaga will minimize the seriousness of the song. The big 'Ri' is noramlly a janaranjakamana swaram. Still it can be made sound serious when used in combination with big 'Ni', defying its true color but the big 'dha' can't be made sound serious Lets assume if Dm is the root tonic note of Gowri Manohari. Then 'Ri' can be used with Ni as in A major or A dominant 7th.

This combination of Dm and A or A dom7th is the beauty of Gowri Manohari and it draws a heavy gloomy effect. I've tried so many sources in the past zomby where were you in 92 firefox get the name of this raaga but in vain If you see both kamachshi and the song "Vaarayo unakkae saran" by mano from Aatma, both are composed for very serious situations in pursuit of god Given the demanding circumstances, Raaja doesn't want to take a break even for a while.

Making the singer heavilly cough in between the song and intentionally making him singing out of scale to simulate he tanamor muchsin mp3 ill is not an easy task to do in a recording theatre for aagaya vennilave yahoo singer.

SPB has marvellously done this in "Maniyosai keetu elundhu". Mano also has tried his best in this song to live up to this challenge. He is successful, aagaya vennilave yahoo not as much as Balu I must admit I was genuinely caught in a dilemma because sometimes the song sounded like Keeravani and sometimes it sounded like GM. At least I was happy that I could aagaya vennilave yahoo the relation of Rishivani as a child raaga of Keeravani.

The song starts with a brief alapana by Janaki in this raga. The charanam has some beautiful birukkas rendered effortlessly by SPB. This song is a pure Rishivani. All these days I was also mistaking this song also to be GM. Its not. So its unfair to call this song is aagaya vennilave yahoo on any raga… But again the Rishivani touch is so strong in Pallavi.

The pallavai again is an agmark Rishivani. This song comes in flashback where baby Neena reminisces some beautiful moments with her mother Aagaya vennilave yahoo. But when played as a full fledged song it should alternatively reflect happiness and pathos.

There may be other classical numbers in this Raaga by great mahans and pandits. Thanking the Maestro. Maestro Speak. Raga Universe. What They Said About aagaya vennilave yahoo. Sign Guestbook. View Guestbook.

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