Ojdbc14 jar 10g release

ojdbc14 jar 10g release

Oracle Database 10g JDBC Drivers ojdbcjar (1,, bytes) - classes for use with JDK vfb-community.de (1,, bytes) - same as. ojdbcjar for Oracle 10g R2 is a Java JDBC Driver for Oracle Database You see the "Oracle Database 10g Release 2 JDBC Drivers" page showing up. EDIT: According to Oracle Database 10g Release 2 () JDBC Drivers, ojdbcjar contains classes for use with JDK and (and I don't see why it. User manual on configuring Oracle 10g JDBC drivers in Aqua Data Studio. File Search in Version Control The ojdbcjar file is the Oracle JDBC driver required by ADS and the nls_charserjar is the language.

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Ojdbc14 jar 10g release also describes the basics of testing a client installation and configuration and running a simple application. This chapter contains the following sections:. However, they are not certified to work with older, unsupported database releases, such as 8. You can find a complete, up-to-date list of supported databases at http: Follow the installation instructions ojdbc14 jar 10g release the driver you want to install in your platform-specific documentation.

This section describes the steps of verifying an Oracle client installation of the JDBC drivers, assuming that you have already installed the driver of your choice. If you have installed the JDBC Thin driver, then no further installation on the client computer is necessary. This directory contains a compressed file, demo. When you uncompress this compressed file, the samples directory and the Samples-Readme.

This directory contains the javadoc. This file contains late-breaking and release-specific information about the drivers, which may not have been included in other documentation on the product. Ensure that there is only one JDBC class file, such as classes If you are installing the JDBC Thin driver, then you do not have to set any other environment variables. Run the following commands on the command line, one after the other:.

Each of the preceding commands should output a list of options and parameters and then exit. Back off me big sean link of the programs, JdbcCheckup. The program queries for the user name, password, and the name of the database to which you want to connect.

The program connects to the database, queries for the string " Hello World ", and prints it to the screen. Traverse to the samples directory, and compile and run JdbcCheckup. Although JdbcCheckup. Skip Headers. This chapter contains the following sections: Checking Installed Directories and Files Installing the Oracle Java products creates, among other things, the following directories: These files can also be obtained from the Ojdbc14 jar 10g release Microsystems Web site.

However, it is recommend to use the versions supplied by Oracle, which have been tested with the Oracle drivers. See Also: Run the following commands on the command line, one after the other: Following is a sample code illustrating how to determine the driver version: Book List. Ojdbc14 jar 10g release Index. Contact Us.

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