Navy sit rep criteria

navy sit rep criteria

OPREP Unit SITREP (1 hour)​, OPREP Navy Blue (1 hour)​, Personnel Casualty Report (4 hours)​, SAIL Referral (24 hours)​, DODSER. Updated OPREP-3 NAVY UNIT SITREP reporting requirements to include use of live ordnance for warning shots, lesser incidents of personnel misconduct. UNIT SITREP A sailor is lost at sea two jets collide while taxiing on an Generally, the unit SITREP is used when an incident does not meet the criteria of the. Situation Report (SITREP) and the Commander's Operational Report used to provide timely information on critical situations, military operations, .. level SITREP information requirements as well as the CJCS-level content.

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navy sit rep criteria

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