Gunplay bogota mixtape

gunplay bogota mixtape

Bogota Rich: The Prequel (Mixtape)'s cover, tracklist and release date from Gunplay. Album of Gunplay about Bogota Rich. 1. 01 - Intro Gunplay. 2. 02 - Freestyle Gunplay. 3. 03 - I Got This Gunplay. 4. 04 - Low Life Gunplay. Bogota Rich; Gunplay; DJ Holiday; , Stream. Download. Added: 03/09/ by flybeats Official Release; Instant Download: No Waiting! The prequel . At only 13 tracks, some of which are under two minutes, Gunplay's Bogota Rich mixtape breezes by, but we wouldn't really have it any other. gunplay bogota mixtape

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Gunplay - Bogota Rich - Lean Wit It

Even in the crowded lane of fight-music rap, Gunplay is a breed apart: Listening to him let loose on Bogota Rich: Bogota Rich is only 13 songs, an eye-blink as far as rap mixtapes go. If it's all we're getting from Gunplay this year, it's a major letdown. It's billed as the "appetizer" to the "filet mignon" that will be the full Bogota gunplay bogota mixtape, due out at keane the night sky troublingly unspecific moment in the future.

Even with all these minor disappointments, gunplay bogota mixtape, it's easily one of the most exciting gangsta-rap releases of the year so far. As a rapper, Gunplay has become darker and more interesting: He's not exactly taking us into into "Diary of a Madman" territory yet, but he comes off as genuinely dangerous and unpredictable, whereas on Inglorious he sometimes sounded like Foghorn Leghorn with a bad coke habit.

A lot of that edge comes from his delivery. His word choices, which have always been surprising, are now a head-turning parade of "wait, what? Far too many verses on this brief mixtape are given over to the other two members of Triple Cs, the group that Gunplay is also, at least theoretically, a member of. Of the three, Torch is the second-most interesting, but the gap between them is cavernous.

The second he starts rapping, you begin waiting for Gunplay to return. The Nazi Thing continues to be unsavory. Inglorious Bastard featured him in full regalia, and on several points on Bogota Rich he sniggeringly refers to himself as Don "Adolf" Logan. But it seems to be no more than a gunplay bogota mixtape with as much commitment to it as a swastika idly dug into a middle-school gunplay bogota mixtape with a compass edge in the hopes that it will piss someone-- anyone-- off.

The title of the song is repeated 40 times in four minutes. It's his Message, and if he continues to find as many creative ways to dig into it on the gunplay bogota mixtape Bogota as he does here, it will almost certainly be one of the most entertaining rap releases of the year. Skip to content Search query All Results. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music.

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