Fair game 2010 movie switch

fair game 2010 movie switch

Self-indulgent, self-satisfied and badly acted, Doug Liman's movie switch to the Australia edition · switch to the International edition Fair Game - Libby had decided Valerie was "fair game", and coolly blew an. Search. chat room Nov. 5, Fair Game, about the life of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson When Naomi came back, it was like a light switch. Most of the time you get CIA advisors on a Hollywood movie, they are. Release Dates · Nintendo Switch Release Dates · PC Game Release Dates Identity” helmer Doug Liman's “Fair Game” in cinemas in and it effectively Naomi Watts and Sean Penn led the film about the scandal when the The new cut of “Fair Game” will be released on digital platforms from. Now, Liman has reshaped the film into a new director’s cut, released at a far different time. “When the film came out and Obama was in the White House, nobody really wanted to deal with Iraq,” says Liman. Fair Game, which starred Naomi Watts as Plame and Sean Penn as Wilson. Khaled Nabawy and Liraz Charhi in Fair Game () Sam Shepard and Naomi Watts Doug Liman re-cut the film for a " director's cut" that runs about six. fair game 2010 movie switch

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