Durarara light novel translation

durarara light novel translation

Hi, Kyouheart here~ I'm a huge fan of DRRR, and I currently scanlate and translate the light novels with events after the anime~ Progress: Volume 4 - Prelude. This journal is currently a place for anni_fiesta s translations of Durarara! and Etsusa Bridge(越佐大橋), Japanese light novel series by Narita Ryohgo. Durarara!! or DRRR!! (デュラララ!!) is a light novel series written by Narita Ryohgo, also well-known for his Baccano! series. However the continuation, a second series named Durarara!!SH is currently being 3 Translation. This journal is currently a place for anni_fiesta s translations of Durarara! and Etsusa Bridge(越佐大橋), Japanese light novel series by Narita Ryohgo. If you know of translations that aren't listed here, please send me a message so I Light Novels. Durarara!! Licensed by Yen Press. Durarara!!×2. Licensed by. leona18craven asked: Hey! Do you have links or files of Durarara!! Volumes English translated anywhere? The list would be great!. durarara light novel translation

Jul Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. When commenting, please keep in mind: I cannot emphasize this enough. Shipping wank durarara light novel translation any sort makes your translator sad, sometimes for days.

For a pairing? Say it. Against a pairing? Keep that to yourself. You can write an entire thesis on why you prefer Pairing A to Pairing B if you like - I won't care as long as you don't take any of that here. Character hate ahmed mekky kol zaman sometimes socially acceptable, but I'd prefer that you express it in your own journal if that's possible.

Snippets Interviewing Izaya. Interviewing Shizuo. Izaya vs Shizuo interrupted by Celty. Shizuo vs Saika. Snippets Saki and Izaya meet Masaomi.

Also featuring Shizuo, Shinra and Celty. Anri Saika vs Izaya. PDF download Mediafire. Snippets Namie and Mika. Shizuo and Vorona. Shinra and Durarara light novel translation date. And Izaya. Izaya in hospital. By Narita Ryohgo: The following works are by: Character Durarara light novel translation Trivia. How Do Durarara!! Characters Refer to Another? OMG, um anni, sorry for bothering you, but I'm currently in the middle of translating chapter 9 of book one.

And I seemed to have encountered a little problem. You see, if you look at the first line of page where Shinra says something, it doesn't seem to correspond to the Chinese translation of: OMG I'm really sorry about bothering you like this! Take your time with it, and don't worry, I'll credit you!!

Thanks so much. Reply Thread. Found this one to replace it: Every Jack has his Jill. D hope it helps. Reply Parent Thread. It's good to see that the Index is up again durarara light novel translation fast!

Thanks for taking your time to do all of this and translating the novel. You're the best! Yaaaay the index is up again!!!!!

May you please reupload the PDF for volume 4? I accidentally deleted it from my computer, and when I came durarara light novel translation redownload, it was gone.

Index is back! Can I ask with a big please for a quick link to the name table you were writing and editing? It's just so it might be easier to find for those of us that are interested in using it. That and I'm helping someone with their fanfic so I was hoping to fix her mistakes in the name calling thing. Please and thank you if you could! Great, you got it up again! OMG anni, sorry for bothering you over and over again.

But did you receive my earlier message? So sorry! Reply Parent Thread Expand. Yes, I'm also very curious. I'm so curious and so impatient that I got bored from waiting and started to proceed with my own original light novel that I haven't touched for half a year.

Hey Annie, I'm curious I'm not requesting anything, just suspitsados yahoo. D And of course, a billion thank you's for all your hard work! I've been waiting to read this, many much thanks for listing it! I've been wanting to do it, but the major difficulty has been to get all the references to otaku anime right.

I really need a Yumasaki to my Karisawa: I'm just dying already for this one!! Anyway, thank you very much for the incredible translation of Durarara!! Powered by LiveJournal.

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