Dramadigs firefox

dramadigs firefox

Play All | Info | Get me on Chrome / Firefox · permalink; embed; save; give .. Dramadigs - Erdbeerbrief Dramadigs - Der 2. November. vfb-community.de / vfb-community.de Cwmni Theatr Fach – Cymdeithas Dramadig Amatur Dolgellau .. me that the site looked odd or even different when viewed in Firefox or even on a flat screen. Play All | Info | Get me on Chrome / Firefox · permalink; embed; save; give .. Dramadigs - Erdbeerbrief Dramadigs - Der 2. November. Dramadigs-Rauchzeichen-LPNOiR. To Go shows are best viewed in the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. dramadigs firefox

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Dramadigs - just n lütten etwas etwas

View Full Version: Now that Chris has sorted the soundcloud function, how about throwing up some soundcloud or mixcloud recommendations. There seem to be a lot of decent mixes about. For starters: Nice work! And if you ever want to download a mix that's reached its limit of downloads, paste the full SoundCloud URL into this site's submit box http: God knows how I embed them though! Here's all the info you need! Big L in the muthafuckin' house Nice one for the link Chris, that'll come in useful.

I'll plug my own breaks mix, while we're at it Here you go - listening to it now! Embedded it for ya mate! Thanks troops: I don't have HTML options enabled in my posts, might this be the problem? And thanks for the feedback Fecam. Also, assuming no-one dramadigs firefox read the blurb that I put on soundcloud, it's not dramadigs firefox to be a collection of rare breaks, just some of my favourite's that worked together to produce a nice flow.

Ach, I'll shut up now! Great thread, Fecam. Also, if you're a firefox user there's a nice extension called DownloadHelper that will do the trick. It always comes in handy for me. Ha ha! I was sweating enough dramadigs firefox to piece that together!

Thanks for the kind words all the same Bob! DJ DAY. Cheers Fecam! That little lot should keep me busy tomorrow. I enjoyed that one yesterday evening too! A solid half-hour dramadigs firefox classic funk and breaks. More please! Another favourite: Everyone needs this in their lives Gaberealistic -Take a Look Back Vol. Highly recommended! Dramadigs firefox Trago - Spread Love http: That Minnie Love is fucking great. Never really got the props it deserved IMO.

I'm still looking for the dramadigs firefox Appelsap mix done by SP and Kid Sublime but i can't find it anywhere -edit- how about that Kam meets Rockwell mix, does anyone dramadigs firefox that? Never realised the Minnie mix was by the same dude. Love that one to death. I'll need to check, but I think I have 3 applesap mixes on CD somewhere.

Got at least one from Tom Trago and one by others I think. I'll see if I can dramadigs firefox out Stylus. Is that Minnie Love mix downloadable? Silly me. Cheers fecam. Then it would be by Yasuko Agawa. Quality ones that is! Anyone recommend any other good ones? Library music mix This is something I'd like to play on the daily commute! Great tip. Had the Teeba mix on the ipod for the last few days.

Does anyone know if its possible to play the laptop soundcloud desktop app via airtunes? It does give you the option on the dramadigs firefox version under the volume control icon but I cant find the airtunes button on the laptop app. Thanks SS. I use an app called Airfoil to do wireless transmission on my Mac very handy Thanks Jonny I have located this app the apple site, will check it out and see how it works.

Cold Crush from http: That's the one! Nice version that. Bunch of Nu Mark mixes on his page: I started a Mixcloud page after Soundcloud wouldn't let me upload a mix with a Q-Tip track in it due to licence dramadigs firefox Paul Nice has uploaded all his classics soul on the grill, breaks for days, do you pick your feet at poughkeepsie as free downloads over at his soundcloud page plus a newie - brazil 2.

Soundcloud wouldn't let me dramadigs firefox a mix with a Q-Tip track in it due to licence bullshit! In return, here's a quality mix from Format: Its been sitting on my harddrive for 3 years so you may as dramadigs firefox hear it.

DJ Mr. FLesh - Breaks mix Enjoy! Gotta have it! Chris posted it up in this thread before. Thanks BL-Burger. Whats the oim oracle documentation quality like with things like that Chr!

I've e-mailed Mr. Brilliant site. Works dramadigs firefox loads of supposedly un-downloadable files. Works on bandcamp as well. I dramadigs firefox that a while back! Only a matter of time before Offliberty disappears or Bandcamp and other such sites change the way they embed music. Make the most of it while it's here! Offliberty only generates bitrate files though.

Better than nothing. Used it a few times recently. I thought Offliberty just finds the source of the file, rather than actually ripping it? Meaning that if the source is onlythen that's what you get Might be wrong though! Just in case anyone is interested I just put a little mix up on soundcloud.

Many of you will have these records anyway. D i will deffo check this when i get home homes: Saw this on fatlace thanks Drew: Been posting up a few blends and remixes me and a mate have done. Quality mix. Hang on to summer for another hour at least The Funhouse have now put up shivam movie songs mp3 of their classic mixes: Haven't listened back to it yet so excuse the general dodginess!

This should interest a couple or three on here. Not the most obscure stuff, but fulla party beats. Been listening to this loads recently. Pretty much all classics but really well put together.

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