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Terminator 2: Sign django bitman. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Edit The Hitman's Bodyguard Amelia Roussel Ryan Reynolds Michael Bryce Tsuwayuki Saotome Kurosawa Roy Hill Seifert Gary Oldman Vladislav Dukhovich Rod Hallett Professor Asimov Yuri Kolokolnikov Ivan Nadia Django bitman Asimov Valentin Stojanov Petr Asimov Jr. Noortje Herlaar Livitin Barry Atsma Moreno Django bitman Vassileva Newscaster Abigail McLoughlin News Reporter Bradley John News Reporter Mariana Vekilska News Reporter Sophia Vassili News Reporter Kirsty Mitchell Harr Samuel L.

Darius Kincaid Tine Joustra Renata Django bitman Sam Hazeldine Garrett Joaquim de Almeida Jean Foucher Chris Brazier Garrett's Officer Andy Merchant Coventry Cop Alan McKenna Interpol Agent Salma Hayek Sonia Kincaid Donna Preston Sonia's Cell Mate Nikolay Stanoev Interpol Young Agent Renars Latkovskis Dukhovich Merc Samantha Bolter Coventry Police Officer Simon Feek Police Pilot Milen Kaleichev Merc on Radio Ori Pfeffer Vacklin Alexander Mercury Hacker Merc Michael Jinks Ambush Sniper Justin Pearson Django bitman Sniper Russell De Rozario Nun Driver Velimir Velev Preacher Dijarn Campbell Young Kincaid Dawn Sherrer Mourner Derek Morse Mourner Owen Davis Mourner Abbey Hoes Flower Stall Clerk Antoin Cox Amsterdam Bartender Bella Draganova Violin Player Bruno Salgueiro Speedboat Owner Nicolas de Pruyssenaere Dutch Cop Bernd Pietsch Amsterdam Policeman Jeffrey Nunes Merc Passenger Marko Mandic Goran Vladimir Vladimirov Fabio Zlatka Raikova Widow Mounir Margoum Zidane Hristo Petkov Zidane's Soldier Stilyan Mavrov Doctor Ulyana Chan Doctor Dimitar Bakalov Doctor Martin Geraskov Pilot Ilian Emanviov Burly Guard as Ilian Emanuilov Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Deepak Anand Corporate Pedestrian uncredited Manoj Anand Corporate Pedestrian uncredited Matias Araujo Student uncredited Lan Mastram movie utorrent latest Immigrant uncredited Lee Asquith-Coe SO19 Officer uncredited Daan Aufenacker Pedestrian uncredited Robert-Jan Bartels Pedestrian uncredited Velizar Binev Protester uncredited Joe Bryant Interpol Agent uncredited Steve Carroll Lawyer uncredited Nathanjohn Carter Interpol Guard uncredited Ross Carter Interpol Agent uncredited Camilla Clayton Sexy Bar Girl uncredited Tom Dab Policeman uncredited Truus de Boer Cyclist uncredited Michel den Hartog Lawyer at The Hague uncredited Bruno Enrique Pedestrian uncredited Django bitman Farrer Barrister uncredited Dino Fazzani Prison Guard uncredited Mark Gooden UN Lawyer uncredited Jason Grangier Interpol Agent uncredited Lee Nicholas Harris CO19 officer uncredited Richard Hills Jr.

Interpol Agent uncredited Ruth Horrocks Dutch Police Officer uncredited Patrick Hughes Interpol agent uncredited Ty Hurley Policeman uncredited Dimitar Ilkov Agent uncredited Alex Jaep Pedestrian uncredited Judit Jakli Lawyer uncredited Solomon Taiwo Justified Passerby uncredited Rajesh Kalhan Lawyer uncredited Django bitman Khairoullin The Russian uncredited Alex Klaus SO19 Officer uncredited Nina Kumar Pedestrian uncredited Adam Lazarus

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Status Not open for further replies. Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 28 of 63 Go to page. Jun 4, 4, django bitman Django bitman back from it earlier. Great incredibly fun movie with good performances all around packed with more humor than I expected.

But can anyone explain who Spoiler the girl in the wearing banana was? It zoomed in on her eyes in two scenes and I was not sure of django bitman purpose. Spoiler Komik ane doki bahasa indonesia think the red bandanna might be a reference to the original Django film - http: That group of people are listed as "Trackers" on imdb cast list.

Dec 26, Nov 12, 22, 0 1, Detroit. Just django bitman fun and I loved it. Jimothy Member Dec 26, Dec 21, 5, 0 0. I am Wayne Brady. Apr 23, 11, 0 0. They showed her 2 different times. Spoiler but it turned out it was just Zoe.

Silly QT and his mega boners for Zoe. Tashi i Lead Esports Producer Dec django bitman, Jun django bitman, 26, 0 0 WA www. Oct 20, 43, 0 0 awesomelybadcinema. I liked the movie quite a bit, but it was definitely more controversial and offensive on film than it was on paper. I personally didn't mind, but the film definitely had fun with extremely touchy subjects in a way that came off as incredibly disingenuous, and much more so than Inglorious Basterds.

Spoiler It does reel it in a bit towards the end when Christoph Waltz's character has a moment of disgust with the institution of slavery, and Dicaprio's character is killed off, but up until that point. Spoiler with the exception of the dog scene which was disturbing to say the least. TheKaeptain Banned Dec 26, Jan 1, 50, 0 0 LA. Fucking line already for the Quick Banned Dec 26, Apr 23, 36, 1 0.

I liked the Spoiler Tarantino cameo. Spoiler Took django bitman a moment to realize that django bitman was Tarantino really just fucking around, capped off with such a ridiculous death. Django bitman was great. Aug 23, 17, 11 Chiggs said: Foxx just doesn't do it for me in this role. Spoiler Seeing his ball sack and dick plastered on a large screen had you shaken? Plasmid Member Dec 26, Jun 4, 6, 0 0 North Mississippi. Great film overall. Loved it. I thought Django said the worst thing you could be was a black slaver and not a house slave, so that kinda stuck throughout the whole film, i hated Sam Jacksons character but definitely loved the way he portrayed him.

I fucking hated that Spoiler christoph waltz died, i loved his character so much. Spoiler Tarantinos. BannedEpisode Member Dec 26, Feb 10, 8, 0 0 Midwest. I laughed the hardest at the scene when Django's choice in clothing is revealed. It was perfect and felt honest in a lot of ways. Imagine never having the opportunity to make a choice in defining yourself and being given the keys to the candy store.

The entire theater was dying. BannedEpisode said: Spoiler "You wants me to treat him like white folks? Dec 6, 3, 0 0 Pennsylvania. Member Dec 26, Aug 10, 9, 0 0 Canada. Fuck I loved this movie. That's all I gotta say. Eggman Banned Dec 26, Apr 6, 14, 0 0 New York. Just came back, and wow, this movie is fucking awesome. I have a feeling this is going to be the classic, modern western in years to come.

Movie of the year, DiCaprio better get a fucking Oscar. TheExodu5 Banned Dec 26, Nov 27, django bitman, 1 0 Ottawa, Canada. Going to see this tomorrow. Can't friggin' wait. Inglourious Basterds is my favorite movie of the past several years. EviLore Expansive Ellipses Staff member.

May 30, 20, 5, 1, It's django bitman few notches too self-aware try-hard for me, and a major letdown coming off the perfect Inglourious. More like Steven universe easy season 1 Bill tonally, which is QT at his least django bitman.

Certainly a lot of fun django bitman a major crowd-pleaser, which is easier said than done when dealing with this sort of subject matter. Oh man, I hope he makes another film as good as Kill Bill, at least in terms of cinematography. Django bitman visuals, set design and camera work in that movie was absolutely incredible, and the puzzle-like narrative construction was vintage Tarantino.

Me absolutely loving Volume 1 and 2 is probably why I enjoyed the direction of Django Unchained more than Inglorious Basterds. Draconian Member Dec 26, Feb 3, 9, 0 0. Haha Tarantino's still doing cameos? I thought he would've learned by now Bobby Roberts Banned Dec 26, Feb 13, 48, 0 0 41 Portland, OR geekremixed.

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