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skype sis for nokia e52 charging Nokia E52 user opinions and reviews - page randomly ain the middle of my conversation, i try to charge it, but it says, CHARGING COMPLETE REMOVE CHARGER TO SAVE ENERGY. pro: design looks elegant, keys r big, it doesnt slow down like other sis phones. . Whether can use skype? 3. Jul 16, You can use it to chat (as in type messages, like Skype or GTalk) to other friends that have also installed it on their phones. Download file to your PC from here [KB]: WhatsApp for Nokia .. I have E52 with no data plan. Battery life is shortened - you will need to charge your phone each night. . a small data charge from your You can use Skype for Mobile in Nokia, Samsung and . Nokia Skype Sis Format Freeware: Nokia Wifi Sis Nokia E52 Skin for Remote. Jul 12, Hi Guys, I am the proud owner of a new E I love the phone and the battery life is superb and I'd like to keep it that way. While I'm at work I. skype sis for nokia e52 charging

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A collection of info that I think would be useful to others. Info ranges from useful tools, money saving tips, energy saving tips, crime busting, security, etc A friend had it on her iphone 3months now, when I downloaded it her number shows up in contacts but I can't message her.

I used to be a BB freak but the hype there is dead I'm a diehard Nokia fan but for me to stick with the Nok they're gonna have to develop this a LOT better. Overall, quite disappointed after having waited so long Some things, I think could be better like: Go off line 2 Sending files and pictures. After I installed the app it found my most important contacts and I can now chat with them.

I haven't tried adding new people from my address book yet. Perhaps your can try and uninstall WhatsApp and then ReInstall it again?

Let us know if that helps - please! Thanks for commenting on your experiences ; HTT. I have already installed WhatsApp in my E71, but every time I open the application, it keeps saying that the version I installed is already expired! But it isn't! I keep installing it all over again but it really won't let me open the app.

Hi there Do you think the whatsapp would work on the phone? Anonymous with E Yes it should work as it's a Symbian S60 v3 device as listed here: I have the nokia Xpress music. I've got the same problem too. You are not connected to the internet. For the initialising innocent magazine torrent you need to have a valid connection.

Even i have same problem in nokia e Just installed on my Nokia X6 last nite. It also shows a 1-year licence, though the Whatsapp site says it should be a free trial for 90 days. Hibrilliant software. Nokia 1. How about a delete favourites button,to clean up the list of non-important people. Hi Romz Try deleting the "non-important" names from your phone's contacts list.

They should then archimedes risc os from the WhatsApp favs section. Hope that helps? But don't worry you can just download the next version from the WhatsApp skype sis for nokia e52 charging site Hope that helps?

HTT. After installing whatsapp on my Nokia E63, I can't make calls, send messages or browse the internet. Hi Anonymous Sounds like your network connection is blocked - check with your service provider.

If you're on PrePaid then maybe you have run out of airtime? I would call your network provider to check if your account is in good standing, if all else fails then UNinstall WhatsApp. Good luck and keep us posted on the outcome please HTT. Hi I hope someone can help but I deleted a chat with one of my contacts now when ever I try to chat with skype sis for nokia e52 charging contact it tells me chat failed.

I have tried turning myy phone on and off and reinstalling whatssapp but nothing works. I have a nokia e Can anyone please help. Hi Anonymous with E66 Ummm, I initially had the same question as I was worried about the cost of being on line "all" the time, and didn't want to drain my battery BUT being online is the beauty of using WhatsApp!

The fact that messages are delivered almost immediately like an SMS is what this is all about. So, don't worry about the small cost of the app polling the server every 3 minutes or so - the cost is soooo minimal. Regarding battery life, well yes - you will need to charge your phone each night. I do that gladly. But, to answer your question: And I suspect the data transfer for this process is larger than just leaving it connected for a month or so. Hi Anonymous with the E63 Go to the downloads page and download the latest: HI, I have a n95 8gb, since I have installed the app, I can't phone using my normal contact guide, I have to go to the whatsapp guide to phone Some help?

How much does it cost to "be online" all the time. Surely it will cost a lot to connect every 3 minutes to check for messages? I have E52 with no data plan.

I am worried that I will get a huge bill at the end of the month for being connected all the time while whatsapp checks for messages. I have had the app for 1 week and am very impressed, but am worried that I am going to get a huge bill at the end of the month and am considering deleting it. Any advice? I have an e I downloaded it, installed and everything was perfect until the Initializing part.

It says initializing failed, like every time. And goes on to skype sis for nokia e52 charging for a wifi. I don't have a wifi connection! Please help! Works great! Ummm, I initially had the same question as I was worried about the cost of being online "all" the time, and didn't want to drain my battery Battery life is shortened - you will need to charge your phone each night. I am using whtsapp in nokia e How do i send this installation to my other friends in my contact skype sis for nokia e52 charging to download this??

Hopefully it will be the last SMS that you sendd to skype sis for nokia e52 charging contact ; Hope that works for you! Hi, I have just installed WhatsApp on my E72 and I really don't like the fact that eventhough I skype sis for nokia e52 charging the application, it keeps connecting to Internet and doesn't allow me to do it manually.

Skype sis for nokia e52 charging don't like the idea of not being able to handle my own applications and decide when I want to connect to Internet and manage my charges. My question is, is there a way to avoid WhatsApp keeps connecting to Internet even when it is closed? Via Twitter: It's now connected to my home WiFi.

If I go out to another place will it be disconnected? And if I get back home, will it connect itself again? I don't have a Nokia E63 to test with, but I'm assuming you are correct - the phone will use WiFi if it can, then when you are out of range, then it will use your mobile phone's data connection. Try it out and let me know.

Rgds HTT. Hello, I've got a question concerning this application and would be cool if you could answer it! So there shouldn't be any extra cost using this applications, right? I do not have internet connected on my phone through wi fi or GPRS Hi - Can you use this on the pay as you go facility of must you have a contract facility. Hi Anonymous Any data plan will work - not only contract.

Anonymous with Nokia E63 not sinhala lanka nonstop mp3 messages: Yup, it's not a Symbian ver 3 phone - so can't run WhatsApp: I do not know of another way to run WhatsApp Let me know if you find a way tho. I've tried getting it on my n73 but it sais, "phone version too old" can anyone help? I have installed whatsapp. I got installed but its only selecting Wifi network. When in office i have wifi but i can't access it what should i do??

Hi guys Nokia E63 and the Blackberry curve, which is better for receiving instand massages at reasonable prices, especially for the prepaid users? Downloaded Whatsapp onto E It is functioning well, although it feels as if I have lost control over phone settings.

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