Silver tab control labview

silver tab control labview

Use tab controls to overlap front panel controls and indicators in a smaller area. A tab control consists of pages and tabs. Place front panel objects on each page. Some cool UI techniques for LabVIEW If you give your customized control an icon and save it in LabVIEW>\ it Tab controls are a familiar way to put. Screenshot from LabVIEW demo of menu bar/tab control animation The standard modern, silver, and classic controls in LabVIEW are not.

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By jeffwassMarch 2, in User Interface. Does anybody know how to add new controls to a tab pane? I am working on a test-executive, and I'd like to have LabVIEW choose which graph to display, depending on what kind of data the user is taking.

Ie, either chart or 2-D color graph, etc. My first guess is that the 'New VI Object' primitive could create a control and you could specify a Page as its owner's reference. It's too late for me to try this right now. If you have trouble getting this to work, post back and I'll see what I can do.

However, you can create as much pages as you'll need a edit time and then at run time choose which of these are visible ; that would also do the trick for silver tab control labview data type: I have scripting enabled but I never saw these methods for Pages[]. Silver tab control labview sub-panel can be used to make a tab page adapt to chaning req's.

Just load the req'd FP into the sub-panel. No scripting required. You don't require scripting for these properties. I was autoblogged adobe about methods for Pages[].

The only methods for I have for a Page are these: Add baixaki youtube page is a method on the Tab control, not on the Page. As has been mentioned before, you can't add a page to a tab control on a running VI. There is an extreme hack that I actually implemented once. Create a main VI with a silver tab control labview. Dynamically create a tab control with a subpanel on each tab.

Load the code for each tab dynamically into the subpanels. When you need a new tab, create a new tab control with the correct number of tabs and subpanels. Without stopping them, load the code into the new tab control and populate the new tab. Then exchange the new tab for the old in the top level subpanel. If done correctly, it is seamless to the user. I do not recommend doing this. It is far easier to create the maximum number of tabs you will need and hide them when you don't need them.

I ended up using an entirely different GUI for silver tab control labview above system, and it worked much better it was a simple subpanel with a tree control selector. I get some more methods from the Scripting Workbench: But not much really Is it possible to have a number of tab pages enabled simultaneouly, and then programmatically bring any one of then to the front? You can select the page to display simply by turning your Tab Icon into an indicator, or setting "Value" property to desired page if it's a silver tab control labview.

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I recently upgraded to Labviewand was hoping that NI would finally add some Windows 7 style containers and decorations to the "Silver" controls now that Microsoft is fully invested into Windows Any idea why? I mean, it's been the same old "Windows 3. As an example, just look at the title bar in this NI forum Why can't we do this in Labview?

I think the Labview "Modern" look needs to be renamed to "Classic" and the current "Classic" style needs to be renamed to "Ancient. Are there any truely modern open source controls that are available for download?

After a quick google search I found a Windows 7 style Timestamp control You could try using the System style controls. They change to match the current OS's settings. So a program running on a standard Windows 7 setup will look like that. You could try the systems controls or going with some. Net controls. There are also a few libraries floating around. Here's one you might want to check out: The "Missing" System Control Suite. Yeah, silver tab control labview of the system control buttons follow the system, but the decorations and containers to not.

After checking out that link to the missing system controls I learned something about importing images into the UI though. I was able to create a nice gradient background using Photoshop, and paste it into the tab control that I am working on.

Silver tab control labview there was a fixed border around everything that needed to be changed. It wasn't immediately obvious how to change or remove it, but I finally figured out how to change it's color appropriately in most cases, and make it transparent in others using a shift-right-click on the control.

It's not a perfect solution, but it will work for now. Hopefully NI will come out with a more "modern" control style at some point that includes all of these features.

This is the difference on my computer. Are you getting more colorful backgrounds on your System Tab Silver tab control labview The unselected tab seems to have a gradient to it, but the selected tab and it's associated background is just flat white with hard edges on my system I'm running windows 7 Pro, 64 bit.

Yup that's what system controls look like on Windows 7 -- and not just in LV. The point is that they track the appearance of the default system controls for the platform and display theme you are using. Select a different display theme and they will track the change. I see what you are radiosboro 19 itunes, thank you for correcting me I guess what I was actually looking for is something more like Web or Mobile App style controls In an effort to provide a more consistent Silver tab control labview 7 interface in my program, looking at the Windows 7 Control Panel, could you make any suggestions about how I could most easily implement the silver tab control labview navigation approach in Labview instead of using tabs?

The problem is that while they can organize your front panel, they do nothing for your code, so block diagrams tend to become "overgrown" rather quickly. Note also that even Windows has decided that tabs weren't as good an idea as they thought they were.

Outside of dialog boxes you see very few tabbed interfaces these days. In terms of what to use you have a few options. There is a system tree control that is a silver tab control labview of LV that can create a nice navigation feature. In addition, there is also a different one built into Windows as an ActiveX control -- both can work well but have slightly different interfaces and capabilities.

There are example that ship with LV demonstrating both. You might also want to look at subpanels. They allow silver tab control labview put put the front panel of one VI on the front panel of another VI. You could create several VIs, each one of which does one specific thing and simply make the one visible that you want. Moreover, you could add new screens at will without risking breaking one of the ones you already have created. Thanks for the ideas. I am going to try using subpanels with buttons and event handler to switch panels when the buttons are pressed.

I think that will work well for what I am trying to accomplish. Similar to the Labview example: Yes, I have used that structure many times. One of the things I really like about it is that itb has the potential extremely reusable. If you design the VIs going into the subpanels silver tab control labview the top level VI has to know essentially zero about what the application is doing as a whole so the same top-level VI could work for a variety of applications.

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They seem to work fine on my computer. Message 4 of Message 5 of If you don't like how the system controls look, complain to Bill Gates. Message 6 of Message 7 of Recommendation 1: Never Use Tabs The problem is that while they can organize your front panel, they do nothing for your code, so block diagrams tend to become "overgrown" rather quickly. Message 8 of Message 9 of Message 10 of

silver tab control labview

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