Narahat nabash mp3 s

narahat nabash mp3 s

Narahat Nabash Ft Farshad Pixel. Song Artist Behzad Pax, Song Title Narahat Nabash Ft Farshad Pixel. Download MP3. 64kblow kbnormal kbhigh. Download music Amir Khalvat Called Narahat Nabash Archives - Zirzamin. The Greatest Persian Underground Music Portal. Home · MP3s · Albums · Videos. MP3s · Amir Khalvat; Narahat Nabash (Ft Maed). Amir Khalvat - 'Narahat Nabash (Ft Maed)'. Amir Khalvat Narahat Nabash (Ft Maed) Plays.

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We just finished our last supper in orbit. We had a few fresh tomatoes that we brought up on the Soyuz and had been saving for a special occasion, along with some smoked fish and other usual space food. Jeff Williams, the flight engineer on my return flight, welcomed the Expedition 14 crew and wished them a successful expedition. Misha Tyurin then gave a beautiful speech… I thought he has read narahat nabash mp3 s blog because his sentiment echoed what I had been writing about. He talked about how we are people from different countries, backgrounds and cultures and by being here together, working and living together we have established a special bond.

His speech and his special gifts were so touching that I could not hold my tears anymore. I had tried all day to keep it all inside and to act as if everything is fine but inside I felt I was losing something special… It is true that you establish a bond up here that is hard to break. It is hard for me to write tonight. My emotions are high and there are millions of thoughts going trough my head.

Every few minutes the tears that I have been holding back come to the surface and my throat starts hurting and then I swallow it all back down again and try to catch my train of thoughts… I was nowhere near this emotional on my launch day. Several narahat nabash mp3 s I just let myself float freely and tumble around like a feather caught in a breeze to see where I would end up. It energized me. I tried to focus on the positives… Tomorrow I will see my Husband after a long time… I miss him so much.

It has been a hard six months for both of us… He is my soul mate. We had been inseparable up until this trip… He has been trying to be the strong tough guy who is the anchor narahat nabash mp3 s my life… but I know inside he has been burning up. He will have the first sigh of relief when he hears that they have pulled us out of the capsule.

I was also just talking to my sister and I could hear in her voice how anxious she was and how scared she was of losing me… I promised her that I will be fine and will be with her in a few days… I could tell she narahat nabash mp3 s crying but trying narahat nabash mp3 s not to let it show in her voice. The descent usually takes about four hours and it is a rough ride down with a big impactful narahat nabash mp3 s at the end.

The Soyuz will look like a little ball of fire as it enters the atmosphere. Then the parachutes will deploy and yank the capsule and swing it all over the place to slow us down a little and at the last stage the landing thruster will come on and prevent us from hitting the ground like a meteor. I am not worried about it too much… I have other things powerflex 525 studio 5000 worry about like when I work breakdown structure pdf be able narahat nabash mp3 s feel this exhilarated and free narahat nabash mp3 s.

May be this was all meant to be this way. My sudden trip to Moscow and the last minute change earl sweatshirt burgundy crew. But Narahat nabash mp3 s kept telling everyone how much I love space and I want to go to space, and finally found the way…. It is a little bit better now because there is more love in it. I can see it from your written words that are sent to me in the emails… I only hope that I can help grow this wave of positive energy that we have started and to make sure it touches more and more people.

Comment by Lima — September 28, 4: Dear Anousheh How are you? I continue your journy to the space from lunch in baiknor until now on TV and in your blog.

I see you in the sky four nights and again exciting and pray for narahat nabash mp3 s I woke up about 4 a. I belive that you could change my life with this action and I decided to work hard and become better and better,if you read this command please remmebermy name and after that you will hear more a bout me. Also I want to thanks peter for his nice posts on this blog.

Comment by Ehsan Tarighat — September 28, 4: Comment by M. Javad Mohiti — September 28, 4: Anousheh, Please scatter the positive enery you are brimming with we all need it, I know how stupid it feels when you look at from above earth it looks all calm and serene, and the reason to fight with someone pales. War is looks foolish and futile. Comment by Sidcruise — September 28, 4: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your space experience with us.

I was watching your video where you were talking to Hamid and tears started running down my face because I saw how energized you were when he told you the age ranges of people commenting on your blog. It seems like having peace on this earth would be so simple if we could just, for a moment, float outside ourselves as you have done and see ourselves in a new perspective.

Channelling positive thoughts to you, Jeff, and Pasha, for a safe journey home to earth and your families! Comment by Matt Caspermeyer — September 28, 4: I enjoyed reading your blog. Comment by Nitin — September 28, 4: Safe trip Anousheh. I was sure thatit will be hard for you when it comes to say goodbye to the station, and you gonna miss all those beautiful moments.

Thank you. Comment by Shahram — September 28, 4: Comment by Swix — September 28, 4: Your experience is a joy for all of us who work, study, invest and pursue our dreams. Have a wonderful touch down, get ready fast because we all want to see the next steps of the Space Ambassador!

Comment by Christiano — September 28, 4: Arash R — Tehran — Thursday Comment by Aarsh R — September 28, 4: Ive been following your blog, and I must say, its been quite an inspiration.

I learned a thing or two everytime i read it. Its a pity i wont have anything to look forward to reading anymore. Today, i learnt 2 things: Narahat nabash mp3 s — September 28, 4: Comment by Emilio — September 28, 4: Comment by manish — September 28, 4: Anousheh, Misha and Mike, and the rest of the crew coming back to earth, When you are coming back to us, narahat nabash mp3 s in case narahat nabash mp3 s feel even samll fear inside, just think that hundreds of thousands of eyes are wtaching you, and the same number of hearts are beating for you evrey single second of your landing process.

With all these love coming up to you, you are protected, and nothing can harm you. Thanks Misha for the gifts to Anousheh, and thanks to all of you. Comment by azar — September 28, 4: Hi Anousheh, Thank you for your writings. Specially your experiences in life and up there.

You already changed this world with your good thought and every person who followed your journey can carry it forward. This new movement can be extended to the whole world.

Please continue writing. If you write a book I will be the first person who buy it. You fuel this movement. I hope to see you and Hamid one day. Have a good landing. Comment by Arash — September 28, 4: I could imagine and feel all you have described, it was so real.

It was answearing to so many feelings and so nicely written… Take care comming back, Kisses from Paris Arno. Comment by Arno — September 28, 4: Comment by richard — September 28, 4: Thanks — David D.

Comment by David Daniell — September 28, 4: Anousheh, Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I have followed space flight for many years, but Narahat nabash mp3 s cannot think of anyone who has does so much to bring us all along on the journey.

I worked on the design of the space station, but only your recent flight has made that seem worthwhile. Thank you for raising our hopes and reinvigorating our dreams. Your sponsorship of the X-prize opened a path toward many people visiting space someday. And your eloquent description of your own experience is showing the world the value of this orbital perspective.

Thanks for carrying us along and lifting our spirits to the stars. We wish you a safe flight and landing. Comment by Eric Dahlstrom — September 28, 4: Have a safe landing Anousheh. You are a great woman Anousheh…. Comment by Jabis — September 28, 4: Comment by Neda — September 28, 4: Thank you for making us proud of you!

Soft landing and every success. Comment by Araz Azerbaijan — September 28, 4: Narahat nabash mp3 s a nice and sensetive sentences.

Amir Khalvat - 'Narahat Nabash (Ft Maed)' MP3 -

Yashar said on November 25, Aaso said on November 26, Jungle book the game belakahre raftam docharkhe kharidam. Rasti inja chand ta pakestani didam ke kheili khoob farsi harf mizadan.

Yashar said on November 26, DaminehGessle said on November 27, Enghad bad goft ke man bargashtam behesh goftam bebakhshid vali irania be narahat nabash mp3 s ha migan paki boo gandoo va hichchi blockesh kardam lol. Asabani shode bood ahmagh enghad bad goft. Az irania badeshoon miadaa Rasty bebinam shoma az tehran aks haye bahal nadarin? Yeki az doostam inja be naame hamid ke ye 5 salie mishnasamesh va shansi parsal sar az daneshgahe ma ke hichchi, az kelasaye man dar avord va baham kheili doost shodim Mishinan hey snatoor ina goosh midan.

Diroozam man barashoon ye seri aks az too internet az tehran avordam kaf karde boodan. Kholase age site ii ro mishnasin ya age aks darin ya baram email konid ya sitesh ro begid man yekam tabligh konam. Narahat nabash mp3 s said on November 27, Narahat nabash mp3 s az inke pesare pakestanie maid inja ine ke ozve TDR hast??

Yashar said on November 27, DaminehGessle said on November 28, Are ye joorie pesare. Manam bahash bahs ziad kardam. Are baba be irania migi pakistani migan ah ah boogandoo hala rast bashe ya doroogh. Mesle afghan haye badbakht ke beheshoon migoftan amale: Man kollan khosham nemiad adam roo mellat haye mokhtalef esm bezare vali vaghty be khodesh ejaze mide rajebe keshvare narahat nabash mp3 s intori bege ghalat karde manam ke saket nemishinam.

Aaso said on November 28, Fekr konam manzooresh jariane gooshi bood! Yashar said on November 28, DaminehGessle said on November 29, Yashar said on November 29, Yashar said on November 30, Yashar said on December 1, Aaso said on December 1, DaminehGessle said on December 1, Hehe mage inam soal kardan dasht? Inja tooye aftab, baroon, barfo seilo tagargo har chi begi hame ya middoan ya docharkhe savari mikonan: Agha man az gooshim kheili raziam.

Kamele kameleh! Shomam berin bekharin. DaminehGessle said on December 2, Hach zanboore asal By the way, Victoria salem tarin shahre donyast!! Mellat too barfam middoan az pir gerefte ta javoon. Ye narahat nabash mp3 s kam daran. Aaso said on December 2, Damineh, midooni ye rooz dashtam too khiaboon rah miraftam ye bache saih poost oomad goft ke in docharkhe ro mikhai?? Mage kasi docharkhasho ghofl nemikone?? Che brandie?

Mikham bedoonam cross country e ya mountain ya chi I used to be a hardcore biker vase hamine i love bikes: Hichchi kamaram kheili az oon bebad kharab shod az sare hamoonam fahmidam ke aslan kollan disc am moshkel dare, na yekish, 7 tash haha. Alan savaresh ke misham nemitoonam bepparam bahash chon vaghty miad paiin be kamare feshar miad. Az do khat shod ye safhe baz.

Hamnin khastyam bedoonam markesh chie. Yashar said on December 2, Heif ke dige oon kartonaye bahalo neshoon nemide. Man ke kheili doost dashtam;makhsoosan khanevadeye dr Ernest narahat nabash mp3 s Ramkal.

Ba ina zendegi mikardam. Alan barnameh koodak kheili ashghal shode. Hamash dari vari neshoon mideh. Shayadam chon man bozorg shodam,az kartonaye jadid khosham nemiad. Amma docharkheh: Docharkheye koohestaneh va azash raziam. Albatte ziad savaresh nemisham. DaminehGessle said on December 3, Manam asheghe oon cartoona boodam. Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ramkal aaa. Are iqsun ham yadame yadesh bekheir.

Dari vari masalan chi? Spnod said on December 3, Aaso said on December 3, Yashar said on December 3, Bah babh salam Helya khanoom! Khosh oomadi. Beshin az avval tamame narahat nabash mp3 s maro to in thread bekhoon; in baes mishe ke maha ro kamelan beshnasi va taze kolli saret garm mishe va hesabi ham mikhandi.

Bi shookhi migam. Albatte kare sakhtieh, vali arzeshesh ro dare. Fekr kon dari ye ketab mikhooni. Shoghlet chie? Kojaye Tehran hasti? Cheghadr az Roxette khoshet miad? Daneshjooee ya na va Man adame foozooli nistam;ina ro mahze bishtar ashna shodan miporsam. Ajibe na? Chon lunar eclipse xenon mp3 ma hatta az ghabl ham bishtare va har rooz inja ba ham harf mizanim.

Chera injoorieh? DaminehGessle said on December 4, Yashar said on December 4, Aaso hanooz do se kalameh farai yadesh hast! Na aaso? Na gholam? Aaso said on December 4, Shaid yeki dobar bishtar ham inja post nakarid.

Vali be har man koli haal mikardam ke ye ozve ghadimi TDR az Irane. Va koli delam mikhast ke bebinamet. Man koli haal kardam ke didam yek Irani injoori mitoone defa kone Spnod said on December 4, Yashar be harfet goosh dadam va page 1 ro khoondam: Narahat nabash mp3 s chera injoori shod?

Nemidoonam chera tanbalim mioomad va modam ham yadam miraft. Age midoonestam ke to dari miri,hatman behet zang mizadam vali aslan nemidoonestam;ghablan ye chizaee gofte boodi vali fekr mikardam barnameye deraz moddateteh va hala halaha nemiri.

Majid Shaki - Sedamo Mishnavi" Amir Khalvat Ft. Majid Shaki - Sedamo Mishnavi 2: Maed - Sade Rafti Amir Khalvat - To Ghavi Tari 2: Amir Khalvat - Arteshe Kalame 3: Amir Khalvat - Ghodrate Mahz 3: M - Zendegi Name 3: Rohollah Afshar - Sedamo mishnavi 3: Pouria Zeinali - Sedamo Mishnavi 4: K1 - Sedamo Mishnavi Featuring Karma 3: Fayegh - Mashine Rap New Song 2: Amir Khalvat - Ahle Del 2: Amir Khalvat Hossein - Adama 2: LIVE 0: Amirhossein Khalvat - Cheghad Pool 3: Shahab - Hitall Sedamo-Tan-Ko 4: Majid Kharat ha - Ahay sedamo gosh narahat nabash mp3 s 2: Amir Khalvat - Sine Separ produced by pedram 3: Amir Khalvat 2: Amir Khalvat - Man Na Manam 2: ANDY - Khalvate man 5: Amir Khalvat - Toorbine Badie Afkar 2: Amir Khalvat - Addresse Man 2: Sadegh ft.

Amir Khalvat - Asemoone Abi 4: Amir Khalvat Hossein - Cheghad Pool 3: Amir Khalvat Ft Maed Armin2afm - Sedamo Dari 4: Amir Khalvat Feat. Maed - To Bekhnad 3: Amir Khalvat - Dastane Ma 2: Octave Feat. Googoosh - Khalvat 4: Sadegh - Asemoone Abi 3: Sharbaf zahede khalvat neshin O - HUM from the album: In Kherghe Biandaz 5: Ahle Del - Amir Khalvat 2: Amir Khalvat - Khakestari Ft.

Stres 2: Mehdi Moazeni narahat nabash mp3 s Khone Khalvat 2: Googoosh - Ye khalvat Cover by Sissy and Masoud 4: M - Zendegi Nameh 3: Amir Khalvat - Narahat Nabash Feat. Arash Hosseini 3: Reza Khaksar - Asemoone Bi Enteha ft. Amir Khalvat - Raftim Bala 3: Ahmadreza Nabizadeh - Silent Retreat khalvate Narahat nabash mp3 s 4: Reza Barani Feat. Amir Khalvat - Lezate Baroon 2: Amir Khalvat - Haalam Bade 2: Amir Khalvat - Divanegi 3: Davood Azad - Khalvat-e darvishan 4: Majid Shaki - Sedamo Mishnavi".

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