Lagu black cat kim jong kook song

lagu black cat kim jong kook song

년 2월 26일 ROMANIZATION + HANGUL ajjiya neorang narang geolhunhalrae? eung? nesalbaki kkomaga naege cheonghonhaesseo jeongmalro naneun. KIM JONG KOOK BLACK CAT MP3 Download ( MB), Video 3gp & mp4. List download link Lagu MP3 KIM JONG KOOK BLACK CAT ( min), last update. Original lyrics of Black Cat song by Turbo. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Turbo lyrics. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Turbo (Korean: 터보) is a popular South Korean duo in the mid to late s. The duo originally consisted of Kim Jong-kook and Kim Jung-nam. Following up with songs "검은 고양이" (Black Cat) and "선택" (Choices), Turbo was labeled as . My sweet black cat. black cat Nero nero nero. Naughty black cat. La La La La La La La La. You realize if you smoke, you're going to die soon?.

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Monday, September 09, Share This: Those 18 years were great with Kookie in the entertainment scene. I personally look forward to more of him in the years to come. What is your opinion? Any Kookie songs from the past 18 years that you absolutely love and would like to share with me?

Feel free to share your mind. What a touching ballad that shot Kookie to fame! This song lagu black cat kim jong kook song been Kookie signature song all these years and will always be a classic song of all time. Album Title: Turbo Born Again Year of Release: Lagu black cat kim jong kook song i first heard this song, it gave me a comfortable feeling with a tinge of sadness. Turbo New Sensation Year of Release: Kim Jong Kook Evolution. Kim Jong Kook Eleventh Story.

This is one of the classic hit from Turbo and i really like their songs. It is so hard to choose a song from his Turbo days but i like Twist King the most because it is a lively and cute song. Everything starts afresh with a new beginning and a positive outlook. This is the message lagu black cat kim jong kook song the song conveys. Sweet, sweet love. Well, Kookie catches my eyes in this Music Video if you get what i mean. Yes, the sceneries is beautiful and Kookie is hot.

At first i am not used to the transformation of Kookie when i first saw it. However, this song is very cute and catchy so i got to overlook the fact that Kookie physical appearance does not match this song at all. Despite that, i still love this song and Kookie is still cute in my eyes. Therefore, this song is another classic song that was well delivered by a vetern singer like him. He is able to express himself well and control his vocal chords as he sings. I love this song even when i heard it for the first time.

The storyline was cheesy but as long as it deliver the message of the song, i guess i can overlook that. Overall, a touching song worth to listen over and over again. Kookie and Eun Hye were playing lovers in this MV. Aside from the hype, i personally love this song very much. This song is soothing, soft and gentle. Highly recommended for blazeds-core.jar who love ballads.

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Support Us. Popular Posts. Movie Review Alice: Boy from Wonderland. The nightmares Kim Jong Kook loveline. This year marked the 18 years of Kim Jong Kook in Korean entertainment. To commemorate his achievement and celebrate his birthday, let' I have being azalinte azangalil google avid fan for Korea Running Man since its broadcast four years ago. It has been a popular urban variety show in Kore Cruel Temptation Sypnosis Complete.

Cruel Temptation The plot of this drama revolves around Gu Eun Jae's life and revenge on her cheating husband and once best friend. Kim Jong Kook Biography. He was born in 25 April and his home is at Anyang. Recently, there was a rumor about actor-model Hong Jong Hyun and Nana from girl group Afterschool dating. It is supposed to be a good n Dear sister Japanese drama review. When they were younger, Misaki did not study well, but sh Kashiwabara Takashi: Happy Plan.

Things you got to know about Kashiwabara Takashi Part 1. Drama Special: The reason I'm getting married. Living Without Mo DramaQueen Movie Review: Kim Jong Kook Best Collaboration DramaQueen Pick: Total Pageviews. Powered by Blogger.

Posting Komentar. Geudaeneun gwiyeoun naui geomeun goyangi Saeppalgan riboni meotjige eoullyeo Geureona eojjeoda torajyeo beorimyeon Yalmipge halkwieoseo maeum sanghaeyo. Bamimyeon onsesang kkamkkamhage doeeodo Geudaeui nundongjaneun banjjagineun byeol Oeropgo goyohan eoduum sogedo Geudaeman isseojumyeon maeum deundeunhae.

Oeropgo goyohan eoduum sogedo Geudaeman isseojumyeon maeum deundeunhae. Do you think I'm going to marry me? I suggested to my son 4 years in order to marry. That's right - really funny but you do not have to. Because you're not mature enough. Well You're holding my arm. Meow meow You're crying huh huh. So I have to obey what the waifs sun dirt water s want it.

You dye and decorate the fingers - fingers and You're my sweet black cat. Bright red ribbon to wear and looks good on you. And then somehow changed Being angry. You're going to seriously hurt. My lagu black cat kim jong kook song black cat. Naughty black cat. You realize if you smoke, you're going to die soon? But if you're angry, you're going to run out of oxygen. But I do not have the right to leave.

You are a small charming but sometimes becomes a fox. I'll go to kindergarten tomorrow. To play every day, and got a hug. You're like a bride. Too sweet for a walk. You're running very light. You're chasing a frightened cat. It is a sweet trap. I do not know if I should be sorry. Apakah dirimu mengira aku akan menikah denganku? Aku mengusulkan kepada nak 4 tahun agar menikah. Itu benar — benar lucu tetapi dirimu tidak harus.

Karena kau belum cukup dewasa. Nah Kau memegang lenganku. Meong Meong Kau menangis huh huh. Jadi aku harus menuruti apa yang kau ingin kan. Kau mewarnai dan menghias jari — jarimu dan Kau kucing hitam manisku. Pita merah terang dipakai dan terlihat baik padamu. Dan kemudian entah bagaimana berubah Menjadi marah.

Kau akan terluka serius. Temanku kucing hitam manis. Kucing hitam yang nakal. Kau sadar jika merokok, kau akan segera mati? Tetapi jika kau marah, kau akan kehabisan oksigen.

Tetapi aku tidak memiliki hak meninggalkanmu. Kau itu kecil menawan tetapi terkadang menjadi lagu black cat kim jong kook song. Aku akan pergi ke TK besok. Untuk bermain setiap hari, dan mendapat pelukan. Kau seperti pengantinku. Terlalu manis untuk sekedar berjalan. Kau berjalan sangat ringan. Kau mengejar kucing yang ketakutan. Itu adalah jebakan yang manis.

Aku tidak tahu apakah aku harus menyesal. Diposting oleh Cintia Karisma Dewi di Tidak ada komentar: Posting Komentar Atom.

lagu black cat kim jong kook song

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