Azalinte azangalil google

azalinte azangalil google

Azhalinte Aazhangalil Aval Maanjupøy Nøvinte Theerangalil Njaan Maathramaay LYRICS IN MALAYALAM CHANGE LYRICS - വരികള്‍ തിരുത്താം. Listen to Nikhil Mathew Azhalinte Azhangalil (M) MP3 song. Azhalinte Azhangalil (M) song from the album Ayalum Njanum Thammil is released on Jun piano or keyboard music notations for song - Azhalinte Aazhangalil Aval Maanjupoyi Movie: Ayalum Njanum Thammil Musician. Azhalinte Azhangalil Nikhil Mathew Song Download Mp3, Nikhil Mathew Azhalinte Azhangalil Released As Malayalam Songs On , Nikhil Mathew.

Ayalum Njanum Thammil - Wikipedia

Ayalum Njanum Thammil English: The film produced by Prem Prakash was written by his sons Bobby and Sanjay. Ayalum Njanum Thammil is a story of a committed senior doctor and an irresponsible junior doctor. Through their relationship, a vivid picture of the medical profession is drawn. The soundtrack and background score were composed by Ouseppachan. The film was released on 19 October to widespread critical acclaim. Ravi Tharakan Prithviraj is a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon working in a private hospital.

The plot begins with a traumatised girl being brought to the hospital. Ravi decides to operate on azalinte azangalil google girl for free, against the wishes of her father. The girl dies during the surgery. Her father and a few local politicians accuse Dr. Tharakan for the death and protest in the hospital. Ravi is forced to flee through the backdoor, followed by the girl's relatives. He has an accident on the way and goes missing without any traces. The girl's death gains media attention and the police start a thorough search for Dr.

The hospital management clears its name by sacking Dr. Ravi but the chairman's private secretary Diya Rima Kallingal expresses dissatisfaction over the hospital's decision and starts a search on her own. She is very much attached to Ravi, oleska youtube er had once convinced her azalinte azangalil google importance of following ethics in the medical profession.

Azalinte azangalil google meets Dr. Vivek Narain who is a very close friend and a former classmate of Ravi. At the private medical college where Ravi completed his medical degree, Ravi and Vivek were amongst the worst students. They were irresponsible in their studies as well and were not even able to distinguish between surgical instruments.

Ravi had a campus romance, a junior Muslim student named Sainu Samvrutha. After completing the course, Ravi and Vivek were left with two options: Vivek opts to pay. Ravi, who is not able to get the cash from azalinte azangalil google father Thomas Tharakan Prem Prakashchooses to work in the Redemption Hospital in Munnar which is run by Dr. Samuel Prathap Pothen — an altruistic physician who, by his absolute devotion to his profession, lives a lonely life.

On his way to Munnar, Ravi's car crashes with a police vehicle and Ravi is in turn harassed by S. Purushothaman Kalabhavan Mani. Ravi lodges a complaint and gets the officer suspended.

Ravi initially finds azalinte azangalil google koolin gucci mane mixtapes at the hospital uninteresting, mainly due to the uncompromising Dr. Samuel, who is very strict. He hates the lonely stay in a "jail-like" staff-quarters.

The only consolations for Ravi are the letters by Sainu and occasional phone calls to Vivek. Ravi is soon accompanied by Dr.

Supriya Remya Nambeesananother junior doctor, who helps him to develop an interest in the job. But he still finds it difficult to adjust to Dr. Some months later, Dr. Samuel informs Ravi about a phone call he azalinte azangalil google from Sainu's parents who are planning to marry Sainu to someone else.

Samuel was also asked to azalinte azangalil google Ravi from meeting or calling her. Ravi azalinte azangalil google help from Vivek, who secretly makes all arrangements for Ravi's and Sainu's marriage in Kochi.

But Ravi is stopped by S. Purushothaman on his way to Kochi, in the name of a routine check. The officer who was actually waiting to avenge his suspension does not leave Ravi even after hearing about the marriage. Ravi arrives late only to see a house-arrested Sainu, who has unwillingly agreed for another marriage.

This incident shakes Ravi completely. His lonely stay in Munnar also haunts him, but he is able to be sincere to his job. One day, a girl is brought to the hospital in a serious condition. Ravi, the azalinte azangalil google duty doctor, rushes to her but decides not to attend the case after knowing that she is S. Purushothaman's daughter. He rejects the requests of hospital staff and other inmates and not even the tears shed by Purushothaman at his feet are enough to melt his azalinte azangalil google.

The girl's condition becomes very serious but she is saved by Dr. Samuel who arrives some time later. An angry Dr. Samuel slaps Ravi for his negligence. Insulted, Ravi decides to leave the place immediately but is stopped by Dr.

Supriya who supports the action of Dr. The next day, Ravi is summoned by a committee for investigation of a complaint filed by S. Ravi is silent throughout the interrogation and the committee decides to recommend that the Medical Council cancel his recognition. However, Dr. Samuel testifies for Ravi stating that Ravi is innocent and, since the girl is saved, there arises no case of medical negligence. This incident and Samuel's testifying turns out to be an eye-opener for Ravi.

His attitude to the purpose of life changes completely which he is able to follow throughout his later life. He leaves Redemption Hospital after his internship and leaves for London to pursue his higher studies, and later works in hospitals and gains a name for being service-minded.

Having known more about Ravi from Vivek and Supriya, Diya comes to the conclusion that Ravi might have gone to meet Dr. The police also tracks him at Munnar after tracing his phone calls. In a cemetery, Dr. Ravi is shown talking to Dr. Samuel about the girl's death. But it is later shown that Dr. Samuel is no more and it was the news of Samuel's death that brought Ravi to Munnar. Ravi is arrested by the police and is brought to azalinte azangalil google court.

He is acquitted in the case after the dead girl's mother testify for Dr. Ravi stating that it was upon her behest that Dr. Ravi opted to operate the girl. In the final scene, Dr. Ravi is shown sitting in front of the Redemption Hospital, with a narration from himself playing azalinte azangalil google, "This is the place where Dr.

Ravi Tharakan was born. Audiography was done by M. Raghu Ram Varma is the associate director and Gokul Das is the art director. Samvrutha Sunil plays the lead heroine, while Rima Kallingal and Remya Nambeeshan plays the secondary heroines. The cinematography is handled by Jomon T. John after Thattathin Marayathuwho has been emerging cameraman who excelled with his 7D camera. The film started its shoot at 11 July at Shoranur. Kottayam Medical College was also pictured in this film.

Audiography was by M. Paresh C. Palicha of Rediff. A review by The Times of India gave and said "Lal Jose makes Ayalum Njanum Thammil highly lovable with his discreet choice of locale, interiors and an array of characters who make the film endearing The film radiates a grace that gently switches between the past and the present to reveal the life of Dr Ravi Tharakan Prithviraj.

Ravi Tharakan becomes one of the most brilliant portrayals done by the Prithviraj. The film became a box office success. The soundtrack for the film was composed by Ouseppachan azalinte azangalil google, while lyrics are penned by Sarath Vayalar.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ayalum Njanum Thammil Theatrical release poster. Prithviraj Sukumaran as Dr. Ravi Tharakan Prathap Pothen as Azalinte azangalil google. Samuel Narain as Dr. Sainu Remya Nambeesan as Dr.

Ayalum Njanum Thammil Year: Ouseppachan Lyrics: Sarath Vayalar Singer s: Nikhil Mathew, Abhirami Ajayan. This is one song, which made my hair stand up, at the lyrical quality of the song in awe. Sarath Vayalar weaved magic in this song dripping with pathos. Nikhil no wonder got state award for this song…will remain one of my forever favorite song….

Azhalinte aazhangalil aval maanju poyi Novinte theerangalil njan mathramayi From the abyss of deep sadness, she just vanished away Me left in solitude, on the shores of pain.

Pandente eenam nee mounangalil Patharunna raagam nee erivenalil Atharayi nee peyyum naal dooreyayi Nila vitta kaattayi njan marubhoomiyil Ponkolussu konjumaa nimishangalen Ullil kilungidaathe ini varaathe Neeyengo poyi Reminiscing the days, when you were the harmonies of my silence Humming rhythms as well, matty brass mp3 a smoldering summer The fragrance of your thoughts, are just waning away Wandering like a lost gust, in a desert The dings of your gold anklet, pampering those minutes Is no longer heard, and you left forever Leaving far far away.

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