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found in the proceedings of the second annual workshop. .. The radionuclides being studied are 90Sr, 45Ca, Am, Eu and 75Se. Migration of 90Sr , Fannin et al. ). Therefore, we may rule out any simple thermodynamic explanation. Corresponding author, studsvik@vfb-community.de With $90M Round, Stoke Eyes a “Spinraza For Epilepsy” And a IPO Link . TX Roundup: TMC's BioBridge to the UK, New Execs at Fannin & TechFW Link .. Seaver Promotes His International Suspense Novel "The Fourth Rule" Link James Rhys Releases Second Book in His Political Action Thriller Potomac. The second permissible finding is that ''[s]uch changes or alterations plan consistent with Rule prior to or in conjunction with building and (WILL ALLOW 4 FIXTURES PER POLE @ 90 DEGREES.) Charles & Sally Withuhn vfb-community.de> .. Jim Lentz.

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The FAQ has not been revised since Much of the information is also available at Wikipediawhich 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo a road sectionand may be more up-to-date. Any inquiries may be submitted via e-mail see Question at bottom. September 26, If you are having trouble finding a subject in g quicktime apple table of contents below, a text search of this document may be helpful.

If reading this on the World Wide Web, choose Edit: Find or other similar command from the toolbar in your browser. Map references are now given in latitude and longitude, due to 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo online mapping services easily incorporating the data. What is the difference between limited access and controlled access?

Are there plans for Interstates in Alaska or Puerto Rico? Are there any freeways in Alaska or Puerto Rico? What is it designated? Are these a danger to people with epilepsy? Read misc. Usenet is described at http: Sep 13, The charter is as follows: Commercial posts and advertising are not appropriate for this group, with the following exceptions: All such commercial or advertising posts should be brief, should not be posted repeatedly and must be clearly related to the topics the group is meant to discuss.

Frequent reposting of the same or similar articles is specifically prohibited. The charter is archived at http: This started because of people talking about it in roadtrip reports; it usually starts as an on-topic thread and drifts off-topic.

Go to http: See also http: Gas stations came first as offshoots of roadtrip reports, generally to mention prices of fuel; now new threads have been started about current and former restaurant and store chains.

A site with links to nearly all active U. More information may be found at http: Information about old supermarket chains may be found at http: Malls and other retail outlets no longer extant or with few locations remaining are discussed at http: A timeline of significant events in retail in the 20th Century is at http: Stuckey's information is at http: Gas prices may be located at http: Gas station memorabilia is the subject of http: A discussion group about oil company history is at 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo License plates: Obviously license 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo are visible anytime one uses a road.

For a directory of webpages showing photos of current standard, current special, and old license plates, go to http: Geographical names: These names arise when posters discuss the ownership of a certain road or the style of boundary signs.

One may use http: A compilation map with names created by two or more U. Windows vista key finder listing of the most frequently misspelled U. A partial listing of names of towns with the same names as nearby towns in adjacent US states is at http: Government units: These come up due to the same reasons as geographical names. Posters from areas without certain units become confused over their meanings when they are mentioned.

The United States Bureau of the Census assigns two main types of unit below the county-level: Municipalities and townships. Municipalities are governments that are traditionally based around a single concentration of population.

Most municipalities have an elected council and sometimes a mayor. Townships are direct divisions of counties. They exist only in the Northeast and Midwest 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo.

There are also land survey divisions called "townships", but these are not usually the type being discussed -- see http: This "town" is not to be confused with the more general meaning of "town" above. A home rule reference is Home Rule in America: A special type of municipality is the independent city. These are cities separate from any county. In the United States, the independent cities are Baltimore; St.

Washington is wholly within the District of Columbia and therefore separate from all states as well as counties DC has had no counties for a long time. Counties have "collectors", those who make a roster of ones visited. Many roadgeeks travel as many roads as they do because they are county collectors.

See http: For more information, see http: A list of each state's smallest municipality per the U. Census is located at http: Area codes: Usually a secondary 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo of the above. Thorough area code information is at http: ZIP codes: Similar to area code discussion. Canadian postal codes are covered at http: Time zones: These are usually mentioned in reference to signs designating them or to old maps which show former boundary alignments.

A history of daylight-saving time is at http: Apr 5, There are many. Jul 13, Here are some related newsgroups: Counts for selected urban U. These differ from frontage roads in that they are always one-way freeway-grade, whereas frontage roads can have at-grade intersections and driveway access. Most U. A list of links to all state DOT websites is at http: Sometimes the lane is named using the minimum number of occupants required, e.

A list of these in the U. See Section See Question 7. It was originally part of the Emergency Highway Conservation Act. Information is available at http: See also Question 3. Common usage in m. For reference: General Usenet abbreviations may be found at http: This term refers to a stretch of surface road that connects two different freeways, or two different stretches of a single one, without any direct connection via an interchange.

Usually, these roads are filled with traffic lights, gas stations, fast food joints, etc. The original example is in Breezewood, Pennsylvania, where I follows surface US 30 for a quarter mile where it meets the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Breezewood is the subject of a documentary by Jason Hutt called Breezewood, Pennsylvania see Oct 3, A loop or spur off a highway into the center of a town.

Business routes generally have the same number of the main highway, but have special "Business" signs.

Issues, trends, events, ideas and journalism from the Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues. Thursday, Aug. Corn-based fuel might cure U. Without help from the oil. The U. However, the U. Sometimes the difference in availability varies greatly among border states. Illinois is the nation's second-biggest corn producer, following Iowa, and has stations with E, but only 54 stations exist in Missouri and just 13 operate in Kansas.

Read more. Supporters of renewable energy buck Colorado electric co-op managers. Some members of Colorado's Intermountain Rural Electric Association are taking steps to become a greener operation by discussing means of renewable energy and combating climate change. Some members of the IREA had previusly voiced opposition to wind and solar energy. IREA is a power cooperative that provides electricity topeople in 10 counties surrounding Denver.

He also has taken a controversial stand against the widely held scientific theory that man-made pollution, particularly from coal-fired power plants, is a major contributor to global warming," writes Raabe. Kentucky newspaper posts interview with U. Mitch McConnell last week, the newspaper decided to provide its Web site viewers with a new experience -- video of the lawmaker's session with its editorial board.

Such interviews may not provide immediate grist for an 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo or big story, but they do help editorial boards and newsmakers understand each other, and provide useful background for future reporting and commentary. And in this case, the newspaper 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo gone a worthy extra mile by putting the interview online for readers, turning its role of gatekeeper into one of facilitator. McConnell spoke about Kentucky remaining a vital tobacco producer despite production falling during the past 10 years.

Video segments from the interview can be viewed at this Web site. The News-Enterprise circulation 16, did not immediately write an editorial on McConnell's comments, instead opting for a brief story on tobacco. In fact, McConnell was viewed as a 'kind of traitor' by the state's 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo interests when he first favored getting rid of the declining support program, which was pricing burley so high the crop wasn't competitive," writes John Friedlein of the paper.

Story not available online. Carolina bans teen-age tobacco possession; measure took long time. With tobacco farms, "the lowest cigarette tax in the nation and a dead-last ranking in smoking prevention, South Carolina remains one of the last true smokers' outposts.

Mark Sanford R took the state's first tentative steps toward state-sponsored smoking prevention. The gambit itself won't likely change many minds. Yet experts say the law does have meaning, not only for parents trying to bolster their own 'don't smoke' sermons, but for an antismoking movement that, until now, has failed to gain purchase in a state that perhaps takes tobacco more seriously than any other.

Jonsson adds, "Poor people smoke more than rich people, which is one reason why South Carolina, one of the nation's poorest states, has a higher-than-average smoking rate. Kentucky has the highest overall smoking rate - just under 30 percent inaccording to the state's health department. When it comes to South Carolina teens, one in four of them have smoked in the last 30 days compared to a national average of just over one in five, according to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Wyoming town to jump-start rural broadband for economic benefits. Local governments have been setting up their own technology networks to compensate for a lack of interest from private providers. They are part of a "growing phenomenon, fueled by dissatisfaction in sparsely populated areas where the local phone and cable providers are slower to invest in costly network upgrades that may not be profitable," reports The Associated Press.

Powell, Wyo. In the U. Internet service providers Qwest and Bresnan were invited to compete for the contract to run the system, but are instead vowing to launch aggressive marketing in response to the city's planned network. A little over a year ago the farming community of Windom, Minn. Qwest has also moved into the area to compete with its high-speed Internet services. Windom's network hasn't become profitable yet, but it is expected to be soon, reports AP. To make a profit, up to 30 percent of households in a community may have to subscribe to a fiber network and securing the money to start the network may be difficult, requiring it to 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo out of taxes, loans and private investment, notes AP.

Coal-mine safety beginilah caranya remain stuck in s in Pa. Pennsylvania's coal-mining safety laws are under review by lawmakers who 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo agree on proposed changes, and one legislator warns devendra poesia do trovador solitario delay may mean "blood will be on 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo hands.

A new "federal law requires improvements in how mine owners respond to accidents, addressing concerns that arose in the wake of January's Sago Mine accident in West Virginia, in which 12 miners died. But state Department of Environmental Protection mining regulations, which are designed to prevent accidents, remain stuck in the s, when most of them were written," reports The Associated Press. Since a January hearing in which Sen. Richard Kasunic gave the "blood" warning, little progress has been made and the Legislature's fall session will be shortened by the election, notes AP.

Edward D. Yankovich Jr. Wal-Mart kicks off political-style TV campaign to counter critics. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The ads do not attack Wal-Mart critics but introduce its merits, much as a candidate would. This marketing tactic is contrary to Wal-Mart's tradition of responding to attacks via the media but not letting criticisms of its image affect its television marketing. Now the company is apparently concerned that public opinion is being affected by union-backed groups and Democratic presidential contenders, who have criticized Wal-Mart's hourly pay and health benefits, reports Barbaro.

Wednesday, Aug. Data show wide urban-rural income divide; child poverty increases. Census data released Tuesday show that people ranking in the top fifth of the nation's biggest earners live mainly in metropolitan areas A study of the data by the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire found that children in rural areas were particularly hard hit, with the percentage living in poverty in 41 states higher in than it was five years before," writes Rick Lyman of The New York Times.

The Carsey Institute's analysis of child poverty in non-metro areas in listed these states as having the biggest percent of rural children in poverty: Mississippi Click here for that study. Obesity problem found biggest in rural Southern states, says report. Thirty-one states' residents grew more obese in the last year, and Southern states with large rural populations led the way, according to a report by the advocacy group Trust for America's Health.

The report found that Mississippi is the heaviest state, with Nine of the top 10 states with the most obesity are in the South. No specific reasons are known heryantony pcmav obesity is prevalent in the South, said Dr.

Jeff Levi, executive director of the group. Experts usually blame it on several factors including poverty, culture and 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo, reports Thomas H. The rest of the top Alabama For the report, click here. Plan to sell off tracts in national forests delayed; Oregon applauds. Rural counties across the U. The counties will continue to receive hundreds of millions of federal dollars to compensate them for depressed logging revenue," wrote Jeff Kosseff and Michael Milstein of The Oregonian.

Oregon counties receive more than half the money. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. His allies in the deal were Republican Sens. Read more For an Oregonian editorial about rural folks dodging a bullet for now, click here. In Va. In a measure of how tobacco's political clout has shriveled, Virginia Gov.

Timothy M. Kaine D said Tuesday that he is "actively considering" ordering a ban on smoking in state government buildings. Philip Morrisone of the state's top employers, makes nearly million cigarettes a day at its Richmond plant," writes Michael D. Shear of The Washington Post. The American Lung Association says 22 states have banned smoking in state buildings. Arizona and Flash games script residents will vote 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo whether to ban earl sweatshirt burgundy in all workplaces this November, reports Shear.

Read more For a chart with the status of all states' smoking laws, click here. The possibility of banning smoking in most public places is something Virginia lawmakers have wrangled with for a while. The bill's sponsor, Sen.

Equipment costs, power overload kill Blue Ridge wind farm proposal. A Chicago-based company is no longer considering tapping into power lines for a possible wind farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Roanoke County, Virginia. Preliminary studies the company started conducting last year revealed that the wind turbines that could generate up to 81 megawatts would further overload or nearly overload power lines and circuits, reports John Cramer of The Roanoke 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo.

Wind turbines produce clean energy but often cause controversy because they can kill large numbers of birds and bats and harm other natural resources," writes Cramer. Mississippi town gets help from hometown guy turned stove maker. A Mississippi man founded a stove-making business called Viking Grill and ended up spurring an economic revitalization in his Delta hometown of Greenwood, population 18, In addition to being an internationally-known product, Carl's story is one that inspires others.

Other kids would be playing baseball or smoking cigarettes and I'd be inside drawing airports and schools. By high school, I started assessing our town, thinking of all the things Greenwood needed. When we got a bowling alley in the early '60s, by God, I 90 second rule jim fannin yahoo thrilled!

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